Trundle beds


Do you have limited sleeping space as well as room for new furniture? Would you want to have an additional bed for guests on occasion? You've come to the correct spot if you're looking for a pull-out bed. From the exterior, they appear to be regular, if somewhat taller, single beds. They may, however, be readily expanded by taking out the drawer containing the mattress, doubling the size of the bed and providing a comfortable space for two people. Because of its tiny size, it is also a great choice for a children's bed.

There are several variations of hideaway trundle beds.
You are not restricted to a "pull-out bed" in your selection. This term encompasses a wide range of possibilities. You may select from a variety of materials, colors, bed surfaces, and even special extra functions:

  • Metal - Metal pull-out beds are highly sturdy and have a very attractive appearance.
  • Material - Upholstery allows you to build pull-out beds in a variety of colors and textures. Fabric pull-out beds are among the most common.
  • Wood is a natural, long-lasting, and aesthetically pleasing material. A hardwood trundle bed is an excellent alternative.
  • Velor is a silky cloth with a warm look that will make you feel at ease. Velor pull-out beds are the most comfortable.

If you want to maximize your limited space, consider purchasing a pull-out bed with a built-in storage box. Drawers in the bed frame can be helpful for storing linen, pillows, and other goods.

A little detail with enormous potential
The pull-out part is frequently positioned lower than the bed's main surface. Some of our beds, on the other hand, stretch to the same height as the entire bed, resulting in a big bed with an area of 180 x 200 cm. This is a particularly practical option for couples living in tiny apartments since the bed can be folded together to conserve room during the day and simply separated in the evening.


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