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Ways to Select Sofa Covers that Fits Your Requirements

Ways to Select Sofa Covers that Fits Your Requirements

When you buy a designer sofa for your home, why not think about purchasing the best sofa seat covers to protect it? Everyone has sofas at their home. It is the most used furniture in this world. Usually, we keep the sofas open and don't use a cover, Right? So, do you ever think that what will happen with it then you leave it open? As a result, it may attract lots of damages such as germs, dust, stains, scratches, water, moisture, spills, and more. Therefore, to avoid this situation, the best solution is to use a cover on it.

These days, Sofa Seat Covers are very popular. It is the best way to transform the aura of the living room and sofa into attractive and decorative. By using covers, you can provide complete protection to your sofa from a variety of harms. You can get them in various colors, patterns, and designs as well. It will ensure that your sofa will be safe for a long period.


Tips to Select Sofa Seat Covers


1 – Cover's Fabric


When your furniture uses mostly, then the best solution is to choose a washable and stain-resistant cover. If you have kids at your home, then you should choose the long-lasting and tear-resistant fabric. Covers for a sofa come in a variety of fabrics, from silk to poly blends; they are durable.


2 – Fittings


Before purchasing covers, it's is very important to determine proper fit. They look best on furniture with rounded arms, but they may be fitted to even the most difficult-to-fit pieces, for example, sofas with winged cushions. It simply needs a bit more consideration.


Here is a list to types of cover which are available in the market –

      One-piece sets that cover the entire piece of furniture, making it simple and convenient to clean the slipcover.

      Separate sets allow you to sofa seat cover all or portion of your furniture, for example, allowing you to replace the cover of one cushion without having to replace the complete set.


3 – Size Calculation


You may need to take an extra measurement or two, depending on the style of slipcover you choose. If you want to buy dust ruffle slipcovers, for example, you'll need to measure your sofa from the top of the legs to the floor.


It's also crucial to consider the type of material that is used to make your new cover. Knit (such as cotton and spandex) can be stretch to fit your furniture if you made a small error while measuring.


Here is a list of ways that you can use while measuring your sofa for cover.

      Measurement of Length

      Measurement of Seat Cushion

      Measurement of the Width of Sofa

      Measurement of the Cushion's Height

      Measurement of the Full Height


4 – Design


Another thing to keep in your mind is the design of the covers. When you go to the market, you will be confronted with a variety of designs, so choose wisely. When we say good design, we're talking about a simple cover to put on and take off, which doesn't slip or shift when you sit on it. Purchase a stretchy couch cover with sofa arms for complete protection.


It would be best if you thought about the style of your sofas before purchasing a sofa protector. Sofa covers are available in a variety of designs, such as:

      With or without arms

      The number of seats available

      Sofas in the shape of L

      Sofas in Sections

      Sofas with seats that can be removed

      Chairs that recline

      Sofa with Wing backs


5 – Colors, Patterns, And Prints


Furniture covers are often available in neutral colors that fit well with most decors. Bright prints and patterns can be used to decor a room. When choosing couch or sofa slipcovers, keep in mind the style of your draperies and carpet to ensure that your furniture doesn't look out of place with its new covers.


6 – Function


Couch covers are made to fulfil many purposes. Aside from protecting your sofas, couch covers should also add to the aesthetic appeal of your living area. As a result, it's up to you to find covers that match your sofas while also complementing your living room's decor. If you have kids and pets, then waterproof covers are the best option.

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