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Why should I hire dedicated .NET developers?

Kuldeep Kundal
Why should I hire dedicated .NET developers?

Let's face it, as a software engineer, building a website from scratch is fun. It's the ultimate geek challenge. But as you climb your way up the ladder of awesomeness, you realize that it's not worth it. If you're an independent developer or a small business owner who needs a site to display your content, you don't need to have a complex infrastructure. You can have an inferior solution – but for a fraction of the price.

For example, if you want to build a website for your business or even for personal use, you can achieve this with bare-bones technology – .NET and its associated framework – XAMPP. XAMPP is so easy to install and can run on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms. It comes with pre-installed components such as Apache HTTP Server for serving pages and MySQL for handling databases. You can customize your stack by adding more elements on top of it if needed. For example, if your website needs to support e-commerce transactions, you can add PayPal on top of XAMPP using CURL. This way, you get the best of both worlds: bare-bones technology that supports any application while having an enterprise solution that helps maximize efficiency and minimize production costs.

What is .NET?

.NET is the new programming model that supports the Windows platform. The .NET Framework is used to develop applications for web servers such as IIS and browsers such as Internet Explorer. The .NET Framework also supports mobile devices such as Smartphones and tablets. With this framework, we can use websites written in HTML5 and CSS3 to create rich user experiences on any device without writing specific code for each device type. The .NET framework provides support for many languages such as C

It is the .NET that enables developers to build applications that can interface with other applications, whether they are developed for desktops, mobile devices, or the web.


.NET framework – A cloud-based solution

You have probably heard about cloud-based solutions, but you may not know exactly what that means. It is a type of software that runs on a remote server, making it scalable and more reliable. If the server goes down, your site will still be functional because multiple servers are hosting your site at any given time. Since your site is not running on a physical machine, you don't have to worry about the hardware going bad or upgrading it to meet demand. The .NET framework takes care of all of this for you.

While other hosting providers require you to buy a certain amount of bandwidth per month regardless of whether or not you use it, with XAMPP, you can scale up or down as needed. This flexibility also lets you rent only the amount of space that you need at any given time. If your site receives a lot of traffic one month, simply upgrade the plan and pay only for what you used! Plus, by renting space from a provider who specializes in cloud hosting, you will be able to use their experience and expertise to get a well-optimized solution for your business or organization.

As a software developer, you can take advantage of these features, and they will make your job easier. However, not every Asp .Net developer is an expert in these technologies, and therefore, if they are not qualified and skilled in their use, it can cause problems for you and your development team.


Features of the .NET Framework

The .NET Framework is also a "platform" that has specific requirements for an application to work correctly. The following are some of the essential features of the .NET Framework:


.NET Framework Class Library Model - The .NET Framework Class Library Model provides developers with a standard programming model for building complex applications by providing reusable components and assemblies that offer standard services. The .NET Framework class library provides an object-oriented programming framework that allows developers to build clean, loosely coupled code that is easy to maintain and extend. It is the main component in the Common Language Runtime (CLR) which provides programs access to common services such as security, data access, threading, and different forms of object pooling.


Visual Studio 2010 IDE - Visual Studio 2010 IDE provides developers with a software development environment for creating desktop-based applications using Microsoft's object-oriented programming language, C.


Hire ASP .NET Developers

Why do you need a .NET developer?

There are several reasons to use a .NET developer, but here are a few that stand out:

  1. If you need custom business applications for your site, there is a solution that will look great and function beautifully. There are many different ways to build custom business applications, but they all have the same goal in mind: making your business more efficient and easier to manage. One of the best ways to do this is through using a platform that provides support for .NET developers. This is because the experience of working with these technologies is somewhat limited, and it can be challenging to find people who can create these customizations for you. By using a platform that supports .NET developers, you will be able to increase the speed and efficiency of your company while creating a fantastic look and feel for your site.


Several different companies specialize in developing custom business applications through selling products such as WordPress themes. These companies provide you with a great theme or WordPress theme that matches your needs. Then they hand over the details on how you set up the entire website to another company specializing in developing a custom application for .NET developers. When choosing these companies, make sure they specialize in building custom business applications for .NET developers and not just WordPress themes.


  1. Unless you are an eCommerce website, you will not be using this type of application. The WordPress plugins available to create custom functionality are not advanced enough to work with the latest trends in web design. Some of the available WordPress plugins can cause performance issues for your website if your website is not optimized. With the right .NET developers, you can develop a custom application that works better because it is designed to fit your needs and is built around the latest trends in web development.


  1. The .NET developers will customize your business application by creating a library or database that contains all of the functions for your business. This library will include all of the functions needed in a database that, in turn, can be used by a website to create a more compelling experience for your customers. The .NET developers will also provide cloud-based databases and hosting services. You don't have to worry about backing up or storing data on your servers which means fewer headaches for you and your employees when integrating new features into your application.


  1. Many companies think they can save money by building their own applications, but in reality, they could end up creating an inferior product that does not work as well as it should because they do not have access to the right resources. Hiring a dedicated .NET developer allows your company to get a custom application done promptly at a reasonable cost while still ensuring that your company gets access to the latest trendy things being developed by technology experts who have been doing this for years.


  1. A dedicated .NET developer is a professional who has taken the initiative to specialize in a particular technology, master it, and then continually upgrades their skills. .NET developers have a strong knowledge of the framework and the various application domains that rely on it on this framework.


For example, a web developer must have experience in ASP.NET, PHP, Perl, or other famous scripting languages. They must also know SQL, XML, XSLT, and other languages used by programmers to access databases. A dedicated .NET web developer must also be able to use C.


  1. The .NET Framework provides a rich set of managed APIs. NET Web API is another managed library that builds on top of the .NET Framework, adding features to enable developers to build web applications. Unlike other .NET libraries, however, .NET Web API is not a complete application framework. It is an interface layer between your applications and various data sources, such as services or databases.


.NET Web API's design encourages a specific architectural pattern that provides a foundation for building scalable and robust applications. For example, you can treat each data source as a separate service and implement different endpoints for each service. This approach makes it easier to create composite applications that can access multiple data sources without requiring changes to the application code.

Hire Software Developers

The first and most important thing is to make sure you're hiring the right developers. There are a lot of developers out there, and hiring the wrong ones can be an expensive mistake.

The second thing is to make sure you're hiring the right developers for your team. Every team is different. Some teams work on small, simple projects. Some work on large, complex projects. Some work on a combination of simple projects and some complex projects.

And every developer is different. Some like to work on large projects, some on small. Some like to work on complex projects, some on simple. Some like to work on software, some on hardware. Some like to work on algorithms, some on user interfaces, some on testing, some on management, some on requirements, some on training, some on documentation. Some like to work alone, and some like to work in teams. If you're hiring developers, you need to decide how much experience they have.

So, you have to make two choices. The first is whether to hire developers. The second is how to divide them up among your projects, teams, and roles.


Azure Cloud Solutions

Azure provides PaaS and IaaS capabilities. Azure PaaS and IaaS are integrated, so organizations can choose to leverage any of them or combine them. Azure PaaS enables customers to build web applications and applications without buying and maintaining the underlying groundwork. In addition, customers can leverage existing Microsoft technologies and services, including Visual Studio, SQL Server, Windows, and Office.

Azure IaaS provides customers with the flexibility to pay only for what they use. Organizations can deploy virtual machines to Azure IaaS and pay for what they use. In addition, Azure IaaS provides customers with the ability to spin up virtual machines quickly, with no upfront investment.

Both PaaS and IaaS offer pay-as-you-go pricing. PaaS offers the option to pay monthly. IaaS offers the option to pay hourly, daily, and monthly. Azure provides self-service portals for PaaS and IaaS customers. Customers can monitor utilization and usage trends, adjust capacity, and spin up or take down resources as needed.

Final Words

If you're looking for a programmer, you want to hire one who is experienced in the .NET framework and languages he uses; this will make him easier to work with. This skill will also translate into higher-quality code and faster time-to-market, which is the point of hiring developers in the first place.

The .NET framework is an essential part of the programming environment. If you're not using the .NET framework, you will have a hard time working with other programmers on a project. You may have to deal with non-standard APIs that only work within the framework. You may have to write your code that interacts with the framework from outside the framework. The .NET framework isn't a magic bullet you can use to build a successful application without any problems. It's more of a crutch than anything else. It's essential to find out if the contractor has experience working with the tools and libraries you need because it'll save both of you a lot of time later on.


Kuldeep Kundal
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