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Schoolteachers were trained on hands-on exertion
 that included the mixture of play dough and Tutoring- Learning Tackle (TLMs). In addition, schoolteachers were engaged in a simulated exertion
. about proper classroom supervision and procedures, especially when dealing with


. disadvantaged and children from unlike background. We're thankful to the Resource Person (Ms. Frances Gyepi-Garbrah) International School in Ghana.
Who's an educated person? How can
 education beget a change in the l i fe of an individual and the world at large? How can
 education shape the world to be a peaceful place?
 An educated person is someone who
is suitable to apply what has been learnt through acquired knowledge and savvy. The provision of wherewithal and tackle warranted for the
 right form of education can help develop the inborn knacks of learners. Through assessed and
 structured programs, education can be used as a tool to rear and educate the learner on the need and weightiness of l iving a healthy
. l i fe, l iving in peace with bone’s tone and others, being regardful and showing care to the
.socially marginalized in the society.
 At HIS, this is what we're determined to
. achieve to make a change in the l ives of our
 learners. This requires us to hand the right pocket and stuff to help nurture their inborn competencies, thereby, creating a peaceful world through quality education.
 Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a
 beautiful break. As we conduct in the New Year, we look forward to an arresting t ime full of fun and abundance of critical-thinking conditioning ready for
. everyone to explore.
 Madam Hari for decorating our bash area. The aroma stimulates a sense of
 belong and sets a discovery trail for the immature minds.
Mr. Hari for showing us that there's another to education than just classroom schooling.
Mr. Wemsley Okuku for your educational guidance.
 HIS Facilitators for being excellent pedagogues.Ms. Lydia Adjetey for guaranteeing that our well- being is taken care of.
Mr. Ernest Appiah-Ansong for your potent supervisory proficiency
 Admissions are open! Hand your child with an room to immerse in an educational
 experience with a difference at Healthy- Mind International School.
 Parent recruits are welcome.
articale creation
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