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From the time of conception to death, medical technology is always with us. MedTech has empowered the future of health management systems. Diagnostics, healthcare services, solutions, and products aid in diagnosing, preventing, and restoring patients’ health quickly.

MedTech has made healthcare accessible, available, and affordable. Every day, the medical technology space is undergoing significant transformations to improve healthcare delivery and patient outcomes.

MedTech has it all - from complicated surgeries to minimal invasive ones, from early detection to monitoring, from equipment to devices and software. There is no denying that MedTech has enhanced the quality of life increased the number of years a person would have otherwise lived.

Until a few years back, the industry was in its nascent stages in the country but was expanding steadily. It is predicted that the MedTech sector in India would reach USD 50 billion in less than five years.

The global pandemic only elevated the urgency for the MedTech sector to sprint over the growth curve. Among the many lessons that the pandemic taught us, technology in healthcare has been a vital one.

The MedTech industry in the country is proliferating to improve health outcomes. The country that has given the world its Father of Surgery, Sushrut, around 1000 to 800 BC, had been lying low for quite a while. In recent years, though, MedTech professionals have used disruptive technologies to meet global standards and health needs.

Software solutions enable healthcare professionals to manage their patients efficiently. It is evident that the return of the normal is still a dream since vaccination is no guarantee that one would be shielded from the coronavirus. Under such circumstances, digital patient engagement, monitoring, and care have become more critical than before.

The advancements that the MedTech industry has made in the last few years have been remarkable.

As a tribute to the industry leaders and their disruptive innovations, we at Insights Care featured a few outstanding ones who chose to travel the extra miles to provide the best healthcare. Our latest edition, titled – Dominant Leaders to Watch in Healthcare in 2021, speaks about the journey of these leaders and their tech solutions.

We are sure you will gain valuable insights while reading this issue, as we did while curating it. Please do read the interesting articles written by our in-house editorial team.

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insights care
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