CRM Email Tracking for Improve Sales Productivity

SalesDirector.ai, Inc

CRM Email Tracking. Improve Sales Productivity by having Reps spend time with Customers instead of inside CRM.

Automate CRM Data Entry

Capture all interactions between sellers and buyers without requiring Reps to remember to tag emails or interact with any App.

  • Email, meeting, call, SMS, activity tracking
  • Contact auto creation & Opportunity association
  • Fill in custom CRM opportunity fields

Capture Data from Reps at the Right Time

Immediately capture next steps after meetings. Collect any custom input via messaging apps like Slack and SMS text messages.

  • Conversational interaction in Slack
  • Simple ubiquitous interaction via SMS
  • Reminders + Rep input
  • CRM Email Automation for Reps

Customize Fields for Your Sales Process

Customize the system to your own sales process (MEDDIC, etc). Tell SalesDirector.ai what fields must be filled out at what stage.

  • Capture next steps
  • Capture custom opportunity fields
  • Text and contact role capture

Coach Reps in Real-Time

Coach reps to success with timely SMS and Slack reminders for your company’s best practices, like identifying economic buyers, decision criteria and next steps.

  • SMS & Slack coaching
  • Just-in-time reminders
  • Customizable to your sales process

Capture Missing Sales Activity & Contacts

Fill in missing data gaps by automatically identifying and recording all contacts and activities engaged around an Opportunity, without involving sales reps.

  • Contact auto creation
  • Opportunity auto association
  • Call, Meeting, CRM Email Tracking

Visit Us for More Information:- https://www.salesdirector.ai/solution-crm-data-entry/

SalesDirector.ai, Inc
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