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Which Menstrual Cup Should You Use?

Ruchi Parmila

It has been heard in every corner of this world, women make up less than half of our society but are the most vital part of it. A happy and successful daughter, wife, mother, or grandmother can transform the whole family.

Every woman faces a series of problems, a more timely problem is the menstrual cycle, which lasts for 3-7 days depending upon the body and cycle.

This period in a women's month should be as productive as all the previous ones where, in order to achieve this, sanitary options like pads, tampons, etc are used.

Menstrual cups are the new product for women who like more control over their period cycle and stay as efficient as possible during this phase as well.

But before living the dream, you have to analyze and learn, similarly before choosing you should know which menstrual cup should use. Here are ways you can determine how to choose a menstrual cup.

Are GynoCup Menstrual Cups Safe?

While buying a product, safety and life span is something that every person considers, similarly while choosing a GynoCup menstrual cup you should know if they are safe or not.

Yes !! They are safe and are a very reliable sanitary option for women when it comes to period cycle hygiene products. You should understand that they are made of medical-grade silicone, which is as inert as possible, this is the best quality you can buy yet in this product.

They are inserted inside the vagina, and the cup sticks to the cervix walls where it stays for 6 to 12 hours depending upon your flow. And for as long as it stays there, it would just store the blood which then can be removed by the user whenever they want to.

If your flow is heavy, then you can remove it frequently and if you aren't bleeding heavy then you can go with a menstrual cup for longer durations.

Many researchers have found that tampons in some rare cases cause toxic shock syndrome. It is caused by bacterias that breed inside the vagina and cause problems for women.

Although it is a rarity, there is a possibility of it, while menstrual cups are safe as they don't react with any foreign element. Research done on menstrual cups shows no harmful effect of the product and it is environment friendly as well which makes it a millennial preference.

But anything is possible in this world, we all saw that during this pandemic. Boiling the cup would be a better option as it removes every possible hint of doubt from the user's perspective as well, experts suggest you can just rinse it for a few uses and then you can cleanse it properly by boiling it. This makes it much safer and leaves you tension-free.

How To Clean A Menstrual Cup?

A menstrual cup is a much easier alternative to any sanitary option for women as it is very easy to clean. A Gynocup menstrual cup can be just rinsed properly with hand in between uses and can be boiled in between cycles or whenever required.

There are multiple ways to clean a GynoCup menstrual cup, if required, it can be wiped with toilet paper but should be cleansed properly afterward with water.

A good menstrual cup to buy would be the one that can be easily cleaned, every good branded menstrual cup is very efficiently cleansed with water and use of hands. But keep in mind, you should boil the menstrual cup regularly so that the risk of any infection is reduced to zero.

Gynocup menstrual cups are very good when it comes to cleaning, they are easy to clean and maintain. They also have a durable life span of years which is very cost-effective when you compare it with other alternatives for such a long duration. And you only require water to clean it and a cotton bag to store it.

Storing the menstrual cup in the cotton bag is highly recommended as it keeps them away from the atmosphere which can breed bacteria. Keeping in cotton bags allows the air to flow through the bag which helps in maintaining a good fresh flow of air around the cup.

For every woman, the period cycle is the most difficult time of the month. This product helps you to take charge of your life as it creates a vacuüm seal inside the vaginal walls which doesn’t allow any leakage or infection. A big problem with sanitary pads is that they cause rashes because of the wetness, which can make a person uneasy and agitated. But with a GynoCup menstrual cup, you are a free bird, ready to fly.

How To Use Period Cups/Menstrual Cups?

A period cup/menstrual cup can be used in a simple manner yet can be difficult to understand for beginners but once after a few attempts, you will realize it is a very quick and simple process to execute on the go. This can be very easily inserted into the vagina in a c-shaped position. This way it can be easily inserted.

You just have to pinch the ring of the menstrual cup, fold it in a c-shaped structure, and put it inside the vaginal walls. It opens up as the material which it is made off as the material retains its position but is flexible enough to mold with hands.

With the help of this, the cup opens up when inside the cervix, the ring of the cup sticks against the walls of the cervix which is held by the frictional forces.

It holds the walls with a firm grip, you'll have to adjust it properly in the beginning, some beginners might find it difficult. But it is a process that you can master very quickly, try it a few times in the house and once you are sure of the menstrual cup, you can easily carry it outside and be bold.

To remove it you need to relax first, relax your muscles and pinch the stem of the GynoCup menstrual cup and pull it outside while sitting on the pot. So that all the stored blood goes directly into it, then you can clean it and use it as per requirement. Just keep in mind a menstrual cup should be cleaned properly. With good proper hygiene, you can stay healthy for a good portion of your life.

So before buying a GynoCup menstrual cup, you should research and learn more about the product as it will be cost-effective and environmentally friendly as well for its users and nature. Feel free, it will provide you more freedom and comfort as compared to other alternatives. Have a good period cycle ladies.

Ruchi Parmila
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