The Different Perspectives of Alcohol Consumption

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The intoxicating ingredient present in beer, wines, vodka, rum, spirits which directly attacks our brain and slows down our body system is alcohol. It is something which is consumed to relax, celebrate and to socialize. Today the Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon will discuss several aspects of alcohol in this article. Currently, there are more than 15+ Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon. The Alcohol Rehabilitation Center in Gurgaon admits almost 400+ patients every year.

India's alcoholic beverages/liquor is heavily regulated by the government with high excise and taxes imposed on the companies. Hence it is an important source of revenue.

According to the survey, liquor sector is the second largest contributor of taxes to State Government exchequers. It yields more than 90, 000 crores in taxes every year. Liquor contributes to more than 20-25% of state revenue in most of the states in India.

The total tax impact for liquor companies is in the range from 70-150% in most of the states . There are no inter-tax set-offs that are available for them. Liquor alone constitutes 25% of food beverages in India and other countries such as China and the US. Additionally, the import duties on foreign wines and spirits exceed 150%, which makes them 3-5 times pricier in India than elsewhere in the world.

It can be rightly said that India is absolutely the most critical market of liquor and also the No.2 market within the emerging segment.

Although a number of genes also play a role in the development of alcoholism, other factors also play more strongly influence its occurrence in this disease.

Medical professionals diagnose alcoholism by evaluating whether the individual shows a number of symptoms of problem drinking on a regular basis.

Alcoholism is the inability of a person to resist alcohol. People think drinking alcohol is pretty cool but later on the effects they have to face are worse. You will see people in the worst conditions ever. Alcohol has proved that it is bad for health. Many people’s lives get destroyed because of drinking alcohol. Consumption of alcohol has many ill effects on human beings.

Alcohol consumption should be strictly avoided. Excessive consumption of alcohol can make a person habitual to it. It can mentally impair a person. It gives temporary pleasure but permanent pain, Also, physical performance of a problem drinker gets impaired. Excessive consumption of alcohol can also lead to severe illness and death. Alcohol energizes a person. People tend to lose weight by drinking alcohol. It can lead to liver diseases and cardio-vascular diseases.


People consume alcohol because of many reasons; one of them could be peer pressure. Many people have this mentality that if they don’t drink, their peers will not like them. Another reason for consumption of alcohol is the loss of an important person. People choose to drink alcohol because they think it relieves stress. They also drink to forget pain. A social drinker is a person who can control his/her drinking. A problem drinker is a person who cannot control his/her drinking.

Alcohol is consumed much more often in our society. It is one of the most common drugs That people use. Consuming alcohol In Large Quantities can lead to major health problems—and can affect your ability to learn and function well? By excessive use of alcohol people can become so dependent on it they can't function properly unless they drink frequently. If They consume alcohol in moderation quantities then it can lead to some health benefits as well. You must have always read the negative effects of alcohol, but today you will see some benefits of alcohol.








Awakening Wellness
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