How the TaskRabbit clone can be the killer idea to start your online business


In this fast pacing world, we are witnessing remarkable growth in nearly all fields with the help of advanced technologies. And, it is inevitable that we are taking one step further into the digital era as each day progresses. And, also at the same time, people find it as a tedious task to visit different shops to fulfill their daily needs. Thus, it’s evident that developing an on demand service app helps service seekers and the service providers for any kind of services be it, grocery, food delivery, pet care, household essentials, and much more.


Surprisingly, developing an demand service platforms is just a cakewalk. It helps in overcoming the prevailing toils by connecting the service providers with the service seekers with just a few clicks on their mobile app. As the on demand apps serves customer’s needs despite their location, the usage of on demand apps is tremendously increasing. So, if you are an aspiring entrepreneur looking to build an on demand app, then this is the right time to start. This quickly mushrooming competition in the market has paved the way for many ambitious entrepreneurs to launch their own on demand service platform.


Thus, if you are an entrepreneur with a burning desire within you to earn your niche among your competitors in the on demand service sector, then you need to build a renowned and unique app like the taskrabbit app. 

How does TaskRabbit app works?

The TaskRabbit works differently with the customer’s side and the tasker’s side. It includes two interfaces whereas one is the customer’s interface and the other is the tasker’s interface. 

General working process:

  1. Taskers can post a job with their contact details
  2. If the professional is available, they will instantly pick the job
  3. They will go to the specified location to get the job done.
  4. Once the job is done, the payment will be made by the job poster

How does it work on the customer’s side?

  1. The customer will select from the list of categories such as plumbing service, spa, salon, packing and moving, handyman, cleaning, etc.
  2. The task poster have to include a description of the work details, date, and time for the service, address required skills, etc.
  3. Users can compare the taskers with those who are available. Among them, they can select the best one based on their skills, amount charged, experience, distance, etc. Users can chat with their selected if they have any queries regarding the task assignment, their commute, payment clarification, skills, their availability, or anything relevant.
  4. Once the task gets completed by the tasker, the user can make the payment through cash or other modes.

How Does This Process Work On Taker’s Side?

  1. The taskers have to register themselves in  TaskRabbit App.
  2. They have to add contact details, specify their skills, and experience
  3. These details are cross-checked by the App admin team
  4. Taskers have to complete a background check and interview process
  5. All these details will be updated in the app
  6. Taskers have an option to set their hourly prices, location, and other required details
  7. Taskers are provided with an option to accept or reject the service booking received.

Essential features to be considered while choosing TaskRabbit clone


  • Distinct listing


 The TaskRabbit app clone you choose must display a list of available services on the homepage of an app. The user must be able to tap on the required service and when they click the service must be able to view more details of the selected service.

  1. Scheduling/booking for service

This option must be made available for both users and service providers. In the customer’s app, users must be able to book services and schedule a time for service. Also, they must be able to reschedule a service, if they are not available. In the tasker’s app, the task doers must be able to view booking that the user book the services and have an option to accept or reject it.


  • Booking history


The TaskRabbit clone you choose must allow users to view the bookings, payment history of the previous service availed. With this feature available, users can instantly check the bookings. Also, they can quickly find the service provider whom they have taken the service previously.

    1. In-app chat

      Having an internal messaging option in an on-demand service app is a beneficial feature for users as well as takers. If users have any queries regarding the service they are willing to avail, they can instantly chat with the particular service provider.

    2. Tracking

      The TaskRabbit clone you opt for must have an option for tracking the tasker’s location from destination and how long it takes to reach the customer’s location.


  • In-app payment


The TaskRabbit clone you choose must have option for accepting payments from multiple payment gateways. Having this feature helps users to make secure payments and taskers also can avoid unnecessary confusion while collecting cash.


  • Invoice


The TaskRabbit clone you choose should provide information regarding invoice of services charges. It must have a separate section such as service bookings by the customer where they can easily check the services and invoices. 


  1. Help and support

The Taskrabbit clone you choose must be able to enable help and contact section in the menu to allow the user to know the option for any help or support. 

  1. Services rating and feedback:  

The ratings and feedback feature is a crucial factor to gain trust and to showcase your uniqueness to other users. So, the TaskRabbit clone you opt for must have an option to receive ratings and reviews from users. This will help you to find expert service providers easily and also it helps to improve their services in future tasks. 

  1. Service subscription: 

There will be people who need only particular services regularly for some period. Having a service subscription helps them to make their work easier. So, the TaskRabbit clone you choose must have an option to subscribe to a specific service  So, they can subscribe to that service. 

  1. Social verification and sharing:

The TaskRabbit clone you choose must allow the users to log into the app easily through social media accounts.

Wrapping Up

Finally, you have reached the end of this blog. And, as I have mentioned above, there is a broad range of clone solutions available. And, finding an exact TaskRabbit clone amidst them will be really a piece of cake if you get connected with Appkodes. Appkodes is the right stop to provide you with an awe-inspiring clone solution that suits your on demand business needs.

Therefore, all you need to do is to get your desired TaskRabbit clone and get it customized meticulously by including explicit features and cool functionalities in it.

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