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The best guide to get marketing jobs in 2022

The best guide to get marketing jobs in 2022

You might’ve searched something related to marketing jobs in 2022 right?

That’s how you landed here.

Well, let’s first begin by defining what marketing jobs are.

What are you to say if somebody asks you what’s a marketing job or how do you define marketing jobs?

Marketing is quite a simple concept to look at, but once you start learning, it grows more and more complex with growing depths. 

There are tons of questions such as

What’s a marketer’s job? Different marketing positions? How do you land a marketing role? How can you excel as a marketer? Types of marketing jobs? Can you switch between marketing fields?

All things apart, what’s for sure is that marketing is a whole lot of fun. It is essentially exaggerating, letting people know that you’ve fallen in love with this particular product or service and making them believe that there can’t be anything better than this.

Marketing is incredibly dynamic and diverse, no matter what skills you have, marketing always has a role that you could play. It has analytics, creativity, content creation, the list is endless. 

This blog will cover all things you need to know about marketing, starting from the role of a marketer to marketing careers and highest paying marketing jobs.

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Starting with

Role of a marketer

As a marketer, your job is to promote the company’s products or services. You’ve to raise awareness about the brand and apply your marketing tactics to convince consumers to make a purchase from the business.

Your daily role as a marketer depends upon the thing you’re marketing and the audience you’re targeting. With varying products varies the roles and functions of marketing, hence there’s no particular definition as to what a marketer does, it changes across various fields.

Marketing is vast, it has people from all sorts of backgrounds –

journalism, designing, writing, psychology and more. But irrespective of the field there are some skills that are essential to becoming a marketer such as public speaking, creative problem-solving, logistics, sales, and analytics.

You have to incorporate these in your learnings to become a successful marketer whether you are looking for jobs in marketing as a fresher or better growth as a professional.

Why marketing jobs as a career?

A business is nothing without marketing and promotional campaigns, every organization seeks to grow and maintain its market share regardless of the industry in which it operates. This makes marketing a necessity.

Marketing jobs are projected to grow 8% from 2018 to 2028 — which is much faster than average from all the jobs and is also predicted to not stop anytime soon.

This opens doors for a lot of opportunities in marketing. Almost every company is in want of marketers now, be it large firms, startups, small businesses or nonprofit organisations.

The metro cities of India have more opportunities than others, mostly due to size and population. There are several websites that have openings with cities and positions and salaries listed on them, you can check those in order to find a fit for yourself.

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Marketing careers

The job market is thriving, and there are more opportunities than ever to begin your career as a marketer. There are different roles and mediums, it all depends on what the company is promoting, and who they’re promoting to.

Here’s a list of top marketing careers

  • Digital marketer – Digital marketing means marketing through digital channels like search engines, websites, email, and mobile apps. Development in technology such as mobile phones and the internet has made digital marketing very strong in the marketing game.
  • Social media marketer- Social media marketing has gained good popularity recently paving way for its own specialists and experts. Social media marketing is working on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to promote a company and its products and services, connecting with its audience in new and authentic ways.
  • SEO/SEM- Search engine optimization( SEO) is to organically optimize your web content to be indexed by search engines so that it’s easily found by your audience. Similarly, Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is paying for advertising space on these search engines. SEO, SEM has become so popular with its ever-changing trends that it is quite an influential part of online marketing now. It has become a field in itself, people are specializing in it — and companies are hiring for it, too.
  • Content Marketing- Content marketing is a part of digital marketing as it’s mostly done online. It has become so impactful that it has a section of its own in marketing now. Content like blogs, ebooks, and guides are critical components of a solid inbound marketing strategy. Content marketers are the ones who create these. It refers to marketing via long-form content, websites, blogs, or even audio/video content.
  • Product marketing- Product marketers are assigned to a particular product and they decide how, where, when, and why the product is promoted. They are typically given a product or product line for which they act as chief advocates and strategists.
  • Brand marketing- Brands play a major role in how consumers shop. This consumer behaviour has made way for roles in brand management and public relations. A brand marketer creates and maintains the company’s public image, making sure that whatever is put forward is apt according to the regulations and policy.

Not only these but there are several other careers in marketing such as email marketing, event marketing, marketing analysis. You can check these out with the help of Expertrons.


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How to get a marketing job?

Getting a marketing job is not that big a deal. There are just a few things that you should do to ensure you’re applying for the right jobs and promoting the best version of yourself throughout the process.

  1. Choose something that interests you, it can be designing or content or analysis. Be clear, figure out what type of role you want and then learn, develop skills accordingly. 
  2. The next step is to review job descriptions. Compare cities, salaries, posts. Go at your convenience.
  3. Market yourself as much as you can. Put yourself out there in the market, let everyone know you’re looking for a job. Make an attractive resume, learn interview techniques.
  4. Give yourself a professional makeover, the interviewer should be impressed by your personality from the very beginning.

You don’t have to pursue a marketing job on your own. Looking for some resources to help you better understand specific marketing components or brush up on your skills?

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