Pinterest: Most Definitely for E-Commerce Sites and Affiliates

shubham lawania
Oct 22, 2021 08:44

When you think of social media, you probably think of Facebook first, or maybe Twitter. But unless you pay for advertising on Facebook, spending lots of time there may do you little good at all. Know what’s driving online shopping theses days?Pinterest: Pat Marcello's boards

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Yep. I’ve noticed it with my e-commerce clients. They’ll have a spike one day in traffic, and it comes from someone pinning an image from the client’s website or from the re-pinning of that same image, which someone has already pinned before.  Not only that, but Pinterest makes it easy to figure out who’s most interested in buying what you have to offer.

For example, one of my clients is a men’s fashion accessories business. He thought that his audience was probably the 30- to 40- somethings because the accessories he sells are often custom and they are NOT inexpensive, though they are amazing and very well handcrafted.  But, you know what he found out on Pinterest? That it’s not so much the older crowds, but the 20-somethings that are loving and buying his stuff. But there’s more to it than that…

Pinterest is fun.
I love it. You get to share amazing images with your friends there and they share theirs with you. Sometimes they’re visually striking or they’re interesting enough that other folks like them and pin them again, too. You can have something pinned and re-pinned hundreds of times and it’s almost guaranteed to help your sales, if you’re regularly pinning your products and interacting with your friends there.

BizNet just did a study of Pinterest and how this social marketing platform is outperforming Facebook for online sales (as reported on Mashable here). Here are some of the statistics:

70% of Pinterest users get inspiration about what to buy there, while only 17% of Facebook users do.
67% use Pinterest to keep up with the latest trends in everything from technology to women’s shoes.
39% of Pinterest users go there to find specials on the brands they like.
So, if you have an online store or if you’re even an affiliate for an online store, you can most definitely use Pinterest to your advantage.

In another article from Shop.org, BizRate’s study was also quoted as discovering the top 10 purchased categories on Pinterest. The are:

Clothing and apparel
Jewelry, Handbags, and accessories
Art, Art Supplies, and Hobbies
Home. Garden, & Pool/Spa
Health & Beauty
Flowers, Food, Drinks & Gifts
Baby Gear
Entertainment (Books, Movies, Music, etc.)
Sporting Goods
That doesn’t mean that if your business is not in one of those niches that Pinterest won’t help you.

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So, now you know. I remember someone saying to me that social media (and SEO) never made any money. That guy was WRONG, and this study proves it. (I’m proving the SEO thing every day. Ha!) Pinterest is fun but it isn’t just for fun. It can be used to propel your business forward. Make friends with the folks that pin your stuff, find out about the people who are re-pinning that same stuff, and you can boost the traffic to your site, business’s reputation, and possibly its revenue as well.

shubham lawania
Oct 22, 2021 08:44
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