How to fix sage unknown error paw encrypt acquire your container

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How to fix sage unknown error paw encrypt acquire your container

It happens with the Sage50/Peach tree software program and has both something to do with .internet or is a home windows associated problem. Sage50/Peach tree shows reinstalling home windows, or deleting the user account this is inflicting the error and recreating the account so as to repair it

In my organization we're running Hyper-V with a small pool of machines (which run the Peach tree software program). A few weeks in the past we had a strength failure in our town for some hours over the weekend. Prior to the failure the software program turned into running pleasant on Hyper-V, but following the failure our far off customers get a error message saying "PAW Encrypt Acquire Our Container Error -". When i take advantage of the Hyper-V console on the server i have no issues, in order that one is a tad confusing.

I’ve attempted updating IE , We have additionally attempted the reedits suggested at the numerous pages concerning this problem. I've visible quite a few this problem obtainable however none of the problem whilst in Hyper-V, I'm questioning if there may be any guru's obtainable with a probable restoration. We can always blow the pool away and recreate it however the problem there may be home windows Licenses. I'm seeking to now no longer throw them away if possible.

Causes of sage unknown error paw encrypt acquire your container

  • Issues with Windows user profile.
  • Permissions within side the registry can be set incorrectly or there can be damage.
  • Security Update for Windows 7 has been installed.

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Steps to fix sage unknown error paw encrypt acquire your container

Step1. Restart the Computer

Step2. Log into windows as a different Windows User

  • Log off the Windows User profile this is receiving the error.
  • Sign right into a special Windows profile
  • If you're capable of release the brand new enterprise below the special Windows user profile, this confirms that your profile is corrupted. See Additional Information under for Microsoft's commands to fix a corrupted user profile.
  • Verify the error now not persists.
  • If so, continue to the following Option.

Step3. Create a new local Windows User

  • If you're the only user of the pc you'll want to create a brand new Windows User profile to check with.
  • Follow Microsoft's commands to "Create a user account" connected in Additional Information below.
  • Log into Windows below the newly created Windows User profile.
  • Verify the error now not persists
  • If so, continue to the subsequent Option.

Step4. Change the Windows user profile State in the registry

  • Enter regedit, after which click on OK.
  • Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESOFTWAREMicrosoftWindows NTCurrentVersionProfileList.
  • Inside this key you'll see some of sub keys, those correspond to one-of-a-kind home windows customers. Locate the user you're logged in as via way of means of searching on the string price "ProfileImagePath" of every of those sub keys. One of those values will correspond to the users domestic listing which in maximum instances can have the user call in it.
  • Once you've got positioned the profile this is getting the error take a look at the price of the "State" DWORD Value. If it isn't always set to 0100 this can be the motive of the PAW Encrypt AcquireOurContainer Error. A hex price of 0100 shows Administrator degree use of the neighborhood profile. Other values can also additionally motive home windows to d profile to run Sage Peachtree.
  • Once done, affirm the error now not persists.
  • If so, continue to the subsequent Option.

Step5. Windows 10

  • Disable Windows User Account Control (UAC).
  • Reboot pc
  • Verify the error now not persists

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By following the referred to steps, you'll be capable to fix sage unknown error paw encrypt acquire your container. However, if the error still persists, then you could chat with our Sage Live Chat Support and get immediate guide. They are available 24*7 available for your support.

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