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Here are 4 pointers that you need to look into while looking for a school in Hadapsar for your child

rasika patil
Here are 4 pointers that you need to look into while looking for a school in Hadapsar for your child

Choosing a school for your child is the most important decision that you would take as a parent. After all your child’s future depends on this one decision that you take. We understand that the process of finding the right school can get difficult for you.

But don’t worry, the following article will offer you some valuable pointers that will help you find the best school in Hadapsar for your child.

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  1. Learning environment

When you would look for a school in Hadapsar, the learning environment of the school would play an essential factor in your child’s learning journey. The academic, social and physical features largely determine the learning environment of the school and would have a direct impact on your child’s well-being. You should find answers to questions so that it helps you in identifying the kind of environment the school has to give:

How much is the teacher-student ratio? Are classes overcrowded, how will your child find answers to his/her questions?

Are children encouraged to be independent (for example, can they do their homework on their own or do they have to rely on their parents for it)?

Is there a proper and fair balance between excellence and achievement?

Is the learning environment competitive or collaborative?

  1. Reputation

The school that your child would be enrolled in would say about you and your child in people’s perception. For example, if a school is known for having toppers and achievers every academic year, the natural assumption that everyone would have is that the students in this school are extremely dedicated to their studies with no extracurricular interests.

It is advisable and very important to understand from parents to know about their perception of the school is. However, the convenient way to do this is to identify whether the school is ranked nationally by a trustworthy website or organization. You also need to check for the affiliations and accreditations to get a wider picture of its reputation.

  1. Teaching and learning practices

Many schools have project-based learning, holistic development, digital learning, smart classes, etc. included in their teaching curriculum. But as parents, you need to explore further if these learning methods are actually worth it or not.

When you would look for a nursery school in Hadapsar, you should ask the school staff about the teaching practices that the school follows. How much project work is given for subjects? Would the students be given the chance to find solutions to real-life problems? You can cross-check with existing parents to get more honest answers.

  1. Parent engagement

Building a relationship with your child’s school would definitely help you in the long run. When considering your choice for school in Hadapsar, dedicate some time thinking about how your interaction was with the school staff. Were they friendly to you? Did they acknowledge your questions/queries? Was it hard for you to communicate with the school staff?

You must check if the school has a well organised parent-teacher association apart from the regular parent-teacher meetings. Showing interest and encouragement in your child’s education can lead to a positive impact that would show in your child’s attitude towards the school, education, self-esteem and absenteeism.

Lastly, remember when choosing a school in Hadapsar, it is very important to choose a school where your child will be happy and contended. One cannot deny that academics play a crucial role when it comes to school but keep in mind that your child’s first experience in school should be filled with love and fun learning.

We hope this article helps.

All the very best!

rasika patil
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