4 Sexy movies you should watch on amazon prime today

Shane robert

Entertainment has been brought one step closer to you thanks to the numerous streaming channels that you can subscribe to today. Many people get lost for choice in the numerous movies that are added every day to streaming accounts like Netflix and Amazon. If you are looking for the perfect movie for you and your spouse, here are some great suggestions to check out regarding sexiest movies on amazon prime.

Appropriate Behavior

Do not be fooled by its nice title but this movie remains one of the badass erotic movies you can check out. It was released in 2014 and it is a movie that was produced by Desiree Akshavan as a debut film. In the story, the main character Shirin moves out of an apartment back to live with a roommate after she breaks up with her girlfriend Maxine. It seems she is lost even as she moves back to her conservative Persian family boundaries. Even though Maxine her ex-girlfriend has found other people to date, she clings to the thought that they might reconcile one day. It is not much to go with when it comes to story line but if you are looking for steamy hot scenes, it is the right pick for you.

Keep the lights on

This is a unique movie that was released at least 23 years ago by Erik Rothman. It is a story that tells the story of two men in a relationship that culminates into something deeper than what they had anticipated for. It is a great gay movie to watch for hot romantic scenes and exposure to issues like drugs abuse, emotional tortures and STD situations. There is no any form of stereotyping you should be cautious of and this can make a great option for your date night especially if you have your spouse with you.

Virgin Suicides

Virgin suicide is the project of Sofia Coppola who showed the world her ability to make an intriguing film. Do not be fooled by how long it has been around because it has catchy scenes that might appeal to you. It has girls from conservative backgrounds being wooed and seduced by a few boys who are all teenager sin this case. Sex slowly unfolds among the characters as one of the boys manages to get laid successfully on the football pitch with one of the five girls. Watch this movie on amazon prime to ascertain how the story unfolds as it is one the sexiest movies on amazon primewhich you can enjoy the hot scenes with your partner.

The baby sitters

Shirley Lyner is the main actress of the film and is an entrepreneur with a new business that has to do with babysitting. In attempt to be more than just a baby sitter to her clients, we see her developing sexual relationships with the fathers of the children that she baby sits. The film may not be as engaging in terms of story line but has some steamy scenes that you and your spouse can find very arousing. You should try it for your movie date regardless of whether you are watching for self-pleasure or arousal for you and your spouse.

Shane robert
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