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What To Do With Old Devices Post The Mass Implementation Of 5G?

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What To Do With Old Devices Post The Mass Implementation Of 5G?

5th Generation Technology - popularly known as 5G - is on the edge to turn out to be the new standard for broadband networks. A lot of nations are already equipped with the infrastructure to support 5G, and the new network has quite a few promising benefits.

For one, it is estimated that 5G will be 100x times faster as compared to 4G. Its latency will even be lower, which means transferring data between an original source and its next destination will be quick - a boon for highly developed technology such as VR headsets.

In the end, 5G will have an overall capacity 1,000x times that of 4G, with the capability of supporting much more data.

These advantages are compelling, and undoubtedly, consumers and businesses alike will want to experience them personally. To do so, they will require new, 5G compatible devices. What does this mean for electronic waste?

The Implications of Widespread 5G Implementation

Daily users will want the most modern devices, but businesses will even want to stay abreast of the competition and kit out their teams with the best devices. This means there will be a quick changeover to new laptops, tablets, and phones that can support 5G, with 4G devices rapidly being rendered out of date.

Unluckily, the demand for new devices will simply increase the worldwide e-waste issues. As of 2019, 54.9 metric tons of electronic waste was turned out, and just 16.7% of end-of-life technology was recycled. By the year 2030, the volume of electronic waste expected to double its 2014 levels. So, while 5G will transform business in several imperative ways, from letting companies leverage IoT data to support AI executions, it is even going to create the biggest turnover in technology since the changeover from black and white to colour television.

If all of these surplus devices are not recycled, they will pile up in places such as Ghana, where electronic waste pollution causes toxin levels to rise.

Where Are We Now With 5G?

Several mobile phone providers in Canada have already started offering 5G, but it is assumed that the service will get better over the coming years. The big shift is anticipated to take place in 2022. Similarly, the majority of the subscribers in the United States have yet to switch over; while 79% of the nation has exposure, just 9% of devices are connected to 5G.

Since the majority of devices in use are still only 4G-compatible and the tipping point is anticipated to be a few years away, now is the time to brace ourselves for the 5G consequences.

Curtailing the Impact

Even though 4 devices will rapidly turn out to be out of date to the businesses and consumers who are willing to invest in 5G, however, there will be a prospect to repurpose these out of date devices. For example, in rural regions and underdeveloped countries, 5G may not be accessible for a lot of years. Furthermore, even though the latest Smartphone by Apple is the iPhone 12, iPhone 7 remains the most popular model on the market. This hints that although there is always a demand for the latest technology, there is also a chance for recycle and use again.

Certainly, every device, sooner or later, reaches the end of its lifespan, which is the reason we have to rise above reuse. We might, as a result, approach the 5G revolution as a call to move closer to a circular economy by focusing on manufacturing with recycled materials, recycling materials from out of date devices, and looking at latest alternatives for recycling.

It may be some time before such techniques are advanced, but for the moment, businesses and consumers can do their part to curtail electronic waste by committing to responsible recycling practices.

Does your organisation have 4G devices that need to be recycled or refurbished? Do not miss to get in touch with the experts at TechReset to explore the options for e waste recycling in Toronto. To explore more about how TechReset can help manage electronic waste, feel free to get in touch with our professionals at 905 510 8969 or drop an e-mail at [email protected]

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