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It’s Time to Trim Your Candle Wicks with Various Tools

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It’s Time to Trim Your Candle Wicks with Various Tools

Through regular use of a candle, most wood and cotton wicks will begin to form a 'mushroom' or fragmented, from which the burnt remains must be removed. Big, untrimmed wicks create hotter and bigger flames, which means your candle is burning rapidly and turning your money into ashes and smoke. It's good to trim your candle wick about 1/4 inch before igniting a candle to maintain its health.

When Should you Trim Candle Wick?

You may observe that the flame in your luxury candle is very high when burning. If your candle flame is bigger than a half-inch and it's giving off a lot of smoke and soot, it's time to check the height of that candlewick. Douse your candle quickly, as this will not only add annoying soot to your home, but its long flame should also be extinguished for safety motives.

The best thing would be to cut your wick to 1/4" before each burn when the wax is solid, and the candle is cool.

Burning the candle for more than four hours will result in too much height and carbon accumulation in the wick. Fuel will be drawn into the wick at high speed, and your candle will start smoking as its wick tries to eat more wax than it was designed for. The bigger the wick, the faster it will eat away the wax and odor. You may also experience that the wax that is left will produce less aroma and that your luxury scented candle will be less fragrant when lit later because the ratio of the wax to the scent of the candle changes. Trimming your candle wick regularly will help a lot.

Tools used for trimming Candle wicks

Trimming your candle wick is very easy but can be a little filthy. There are a few tricks and options to consider when you trim your candle wicks.

Candlewick trimmer

This is a simple tool called a wick trimmer; yes, these exist. These are perfect for keeping your fingers and sometimes arms out of your candle pot and cleaning off carbon black and wax. It works wonderfully, but as long as the candles aren't lit in every room in your house, you can use your fingers in a pinch.

Pinching by finger

Since there are candles in every corner and place of your home, you can use your fingers to remove the extra-lit portion and debris from your candles. This method to trim your candle is the easy way to keep your luxury candles in perfect shape.

Nail Clippers

For wooden wicks like wood or hard-to-reach candle wicks, you can also use toenail clippers. Wood wicks appear much hard than cotton wicks and tough to cut down, so using nail clippers to trim these wicks is a good idea.


A sharp scissor is a great option to trim the candlewick. Using scissors is a manual way to cut off the excess part of the wick. Scissors work perfectly for cotton wicks and are less effective at trimming wooden wicks.

Cavill & Wicks
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