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How often should roller shutters be serviced?

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How often should roller shutters be serviced?

Regularly maintaining and servicing your roller shutter and sectional garage doors will save you money and extend the life of your items. Roller shutter services must comply with all necessary SANS standards, OHS ACT (Occupational Health and Safety Act) rules, and any other applicable legislation in many areas. And it must be done in compliance with industry standards and best practices and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) specifications. In addition, roller shutters in London should be serviced at least twice every 12 months, at the very least, according to various quality requirements.


It's usually a good idea to get your roller shutters serviced in London as often as possible to catch any early flaws and help prevent future losses. The frequency of servicing is mainly dependent on the nature of the roller shutter and its user profile environment. A roller shutter that is used often is more prone to general wear and tear. Regular service is required in some situations, such as high-traffic areas, and in others, it is a security profile, insurance need, and legal requirement.


Why is shutter maintenance a legal requirement?


●      Commercial machinery must be serviced regularly to ensure the safety of your staff, customers, and other visitors.

●      Roller shutters, particularly ones that are controlled electronically, are considered equipment.

●      The court will search for someone to blame if your roller shutters fail and cause injury to someone. If you have not maintained your shutters regularly, you will be held responsible and legal action will most likely be brought against you.


If your roller shutters break and people are stuck within your building, or if the shutters break while opening and fall on a car or a person, such injury might result. Such incidents are uncommon, but they can occur if shutters aren't examined for flaws regularly.


You can lessen the risk of your shutters failing and causing damage by having them maintained once a year (and even in the improbable event that they do still break, you will be protected).

Shutters that are opened and closed often throughout the day may benefit from more frequent maintenance - it may be at least twice a year.

Unfortunately, when you use something a lot, you're more likely to have trouble.


Other reasons to get your shutters serviced once a year.


There are many other reasons to invest in roller shutter servicing annually beyond preventing injury and protecting yourself legally. These include:


Keeping your premises secure: If your shutters aren't serviced regularly, and any defects aren't identified, they may cease operating, leaving your property open to robbers and vandals. Early detection of flaws allows you to correct them before your shutters entirely fail, ensuring that they are always in good working order.


Maintaining insurance: If you have business property insurance, your claim may be denied if your insurer learns that you have not been keeping your shutters regularly. This is most likely to occur if your shutters are damaged by criminals, in which case your insurance will very probably undertake checks.


You will save money: By having your roller shutters serviced since it will allow you to spot problems before they become critical. In addition, correcting these issues while they are minor can save you a lot of money compared to fixing more significant issues that may require you to replace your complete shutter door.

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