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How To Get Access To THC Diamond Extract?

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How To Get Access To THC Diamond Extract?

While potency, taste, and safety may be the holy trinity of desired marijuana attributes, the aesthetics of crystalline THCA diamond extract is difficult to top. Marilyn Monroe sings "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend" in the renowned romantic comedy Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, but today's THCA "diamonds" aren't wholly unlike to the high-end jewel at the centre of her song.

Both are uncommon and, as a result, costly. THCA diamonds, on the other hand, must be processed from extracted cannabis oil, unlike the diamonds we wear in rings. Weed diamonds are also unique in that they won't make you high unless you heat them up properly - at which point, prepare yourself...

Here's a primer on weed diamonds and how they're manufactured to help people better grasp this relatively new addition to the panoply of cannabis products.

What Are Weed Diamonds and How Do You Get Them?

These items are a little tricky! Weed diamonds are crystals made by extracting the living resin from a cannabis plant using a cold-extraction procedure and then applying pressure to that oil using a chromatography machine until it takes on its distinctive crystalline form.

Because, unlike THC, THCA diamond extracts are an inactive cannabinoid, the temperature part of the extraction is crucial. THCA stands for "THC acid," and it's basically the same THC we know and love with a few additional atoms. Because of the additional acid atoms, THCA will not offer the euphoric effects that customers expect from THC until it is heated to activate it. Decarboxylation is the name for this process.

When it comes to the name "diamonds," it's quite self-explanatory once you see what crystalline THCA looks like. These diamonds, which are rarely more than a few millimetres wide, are 99 percent THCA, with the remaining 1% made up of various terpenes and cannabinoids. Weed diamonds are the purest form of the plant's most well-known cannabinoid currently available.

It's important to understand how cannabis diamonds in honey oil vape are manufactured in order to completely appreciate their attractiveness and high price tag.

Smoking or vaporising these crystals is the key to extracting THC from THCA. It's crucial to understand, though, that diamonds are essentially cannabis' Everclear. Commercial flower has a THCA potency of roughly 25%, whereas concentrates have a THCA potency of between 70 and 90%. Diamonds, on the other hand, contain just a smidgeon of THC, which is why even seasoned users see THCA crystals as a heady sesh supplement rather than an entree.

Diamond consumption frequently requires "capping" another, less potent concentrate, like as wax or shatter, with a few THCA crystals. Remember that hitting a diamond is four times more powerful than hitting a joint.

What Is the Process for Making Weed Diamonds?

Warning: Do not attempt this at home.

Weed diamonds, unlike some of the other how-to tutorials at MERRY JANE, involve some significant heavy-duty machinery and skillful handling of some extremely dangerous and flammable solvents. To put it another way, you're more likely to blow shatter strains yourself up attempting to manufacture THCA diamonds than you are to pound them on a dab nail. This should only be attempted by certified professionals, and even then, only in a regulated facility with adequate safety safeguards in place.

Whatever the case may be, here's how cannabis "diamond mining" works:

1.       Step 1: Using a live cold-extraction process, make hash oil. The goal is to prevent THCA from converting to THC during the extraction process. THC does not crystallise under the correct conditions, whereas THCA does.

2.       Step 2: Put the oil through a winterization process, which consists of simply mixing the oily extract with Everclear, freezing it, and then filtering the finished product.

3.       Step 3: Soak the winterized hash oil in a methanol liquid before removing the methanol with a rotary evaporator (or rotovap).

4.       Step 4: Remove any leftover plant matter residue by washing the oil in a pentane solution. Restart the rotovap.

5.       Step 5: Now it's time to use the chromatography machine. It effectively applies pressure to the oil, causing it to crystallise.

Allow three to twelve days for the gems to dry.

Viola! That is the key to weeding out diamonds. Again, this is a process that should be left to the pros. It's a good thing that various manufacturers now sell THCA diamond extract crystals in the United States, so you don't have to jeopardise your life or the lives of your neighbours just to be high. Although these vile diamonds are pricey, who can set a figure on (best) friendships? For more info, visit Buzzed Extracts!

Buzzed Extracts
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