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How Does Better Business Bureau (BBB) Work?

Allen Stewart
How Does Better Business Bureau (BBB) Work?

BBB, or better business bureau, is a non-profit corporation that employs an accredited business system to designate rankings to charities, non-profit organizations, and businesses. 

Similar to how BBBs offer incredible support to the businesses to attract customers using a grading system, it also helps the customers gain a better perspective on a potential seller. In fact, it provides a platform for consumers to file a complaint against both accredited and non-accredited businesses. However, many consumers tend to worry if it is worth filing a complaint with the BBB

Well, we understand your skepticism; therefore, we bring to you details of what happens when you file a complaint with BBB. 

1- Customer complaint initiation 

Once you file a complaint with BBB, it comprehends whether an issue can be handled by it or not. For instance, BBB does not deal with issues regarding policies, prices, employee disputes, or anything that has to do with government agencies. 

If the dispute is regarding a business transaction, then they will send the copy of the complaint to the referenced business to gain its input on the same.

2- Resolving customer disputes directly

BBB usually encourages the companies to answer the complaints raised by the consumers. It offers the businesses around 30 days to respond before any further action is taken. If the issue is handled as per each party’s satisfaction, then the same needs to be notified so the case can be closed by BBB. 

BBB also ensures to contact the consumers to determine whether the issue was resolved or not.

3- Dispute resolution proposals

Businesses can answer the complaints using resolution proposals that the BBB will submit to the consumers. Once the consumer agrees with the same, BBB ends up closing the case. Such cases reflect positively on the BBB’s business reliability report. 

In case if the business does try solving the issue or feels that it wasn’t at fault, then the case enters mediation or arbitration process. 

4- Mediation and arbitration

Once the case enters mediation or arbitration, a third party works with both the consumer and the business until they come to a mutual agreement. A trained professional guides the parties throughout the process. 

To conduct meetings for the process, BBB chooses mutually convenient times for both parties to conduct confidential meetings that can last two to three hours each. 

During such sessions, the mediators clarify problems to discuss solutions. Mediators will try to help both parties to reach a legally binding yet agreeable solution. The arbitrator, on the other hand, makes a decision similar to a court judge. 

Signing off

Well, it is evident from the article that BBB definitely takes necessary actions against the complaints filed by the consumers. So, yes, it is worth filing a complaint with the BBB.

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Allen Stewart
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