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Winter Diet Tips to Manage Diabetes

Nidhi k
Winter Diet Tips to Manage Diabetes

India is known as the diabetes capital of the world, with about 70 million people suffering from diabetes. It’s a serious condition that can be managed by eating well, exercising regularly, and changing other aspects of one’s lifestyle.

As the seasons change, so does the way you manage your diabetes. However, with the ongoing pandemic and the potential of other seasonal diseases on the horizon, we understand that you may be more concerned than delighted about winter this year.

The winter season, especially if you have diabetes, can make it difficult to stick to your regular routines and make you want to stay in. Understanding the issues you may face and taking preventative actions, on the other hand, might help you better deal with the challenges of the winter months. here is a winter meal plan for diabetics that will help them keep their blood sugar levels under control.

How does winter affect diabetes?

When temperatures begin to get out of control, so does your blood sugar. Extremes of both cold and hot weather can have an impact on your body’s ability to produce and use insulin in a negative way. 

But our aim should be to not allow the environment to have the upper hand. Following a few steps, you can definitely control the situation.

How do you manage diabetes in the winter?

It is very common to feel hungrier especially for diabetics at this time of the year as cold weather speeds up our metabolism. The colder weather causes a drop in our body temperature, which means our appetites get stimulated as a result.

This is because having food helps generate internal heat, subsequently leading to a rise in body temperature.

During winter, the body works harder and uses more energy to keep you warm, so your desire to eat more comes from your body’s natural increase in energy use. 

However, this cannot be an excuse to overeat! Healthy snacking during winter is important and it becomes even more important if you are a diabetic.

Freedom from Diabetes has found out various options of healthy snacking in winter after a deep study and they are as follows Click here to know more About Winter snacks.

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Nidhi k
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