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How To Write A Logo Design's Brief: Designer's Guide

How To Write A Logo Design's Brief: Designer's Guide

Are you thinking to create a logo for your company?

Having a well-thought-out design brief is essential if you want to develop a logo for your organization. A well-written brief for logo design sets designers on the proper path to creating the ideal logo for your company.

To begin your brief, you need to have a firm grasp of the essential elements of a creative brief, as well as a working knowledge of certain design jargon. But you must be confused about where to find the perfect logo design brief.

Well, don't you worry because we have done the leg work for you and have listed a few basic and easy steps to guide you on how to write the best logo design's brief!

What Is A Logo Design Brief?

Before diving into how to create a logo design brief, it is essential to understand what is a logo design brief?

It is basically a description that you give your designer of what you need in a logo. Having a logo design brief is the best way to ensure that you get precisely what you want when designing a logo. It often includes an overview of the company, preferred design style, timeline, and budget.  

Let's make sure you're prepared to document each aspect of your idea in your design brief so that there are no misunderstandings between you and the designer!

Let People Know Who You Are!

I know everyone loves the visual part of the logo or the design, but it's usually best to start with a 'why' rather than the aesthetics. You provide your company history and relevance, as graphic designers are more than just computer operators, they need to understand you, your audience, your products, etc. then they can pick suitable designs and aesthetics themselves according to your business.

Communicate Your Product, Target Audience And Industry

This is a wonderful place to go into more depth about your product because good designers know which design works well for your particular business, so it's a good time to be elaborative. Share your product details, consumer lifestyles or other industry rivals.

Articulate Your Brand Values

Different brand values are designed differently and if you want to be distinctive, you should properly describe your brand values. There are several various ways you might describe your brand's values, such as contemporary versus vintage or funky versus refined or young and old. These qualities may be represented graphically by designers using design components.

It's Time For Company Detailing

By company detailing we mean your company name and slogan. Although it may seem apparent, this one is often neglected. Keep in mind how you want your company name to look, such as what design you want the letters in. Also provide your company slogan (if needed). In certain circumstances, slogans are incorporated into a logo and cannot be erased. Let your designer know if you need it to be detachable or flexible.

Disclose Your Design Preferences

Your Logo Type

Word mark? Pictorial? Abstract or Mascots? What kind of logo do you want? Your designer and you both will save a lot of time if you specify the format you want your logo in. If you're unsure about the format, feel free to offer a few suggestions from your designer. Maybe your designer will give you suggestions themselves.

Design style

With the logo font, you can also convey the brand's style. There are a variety of logo design styles to choose from.


The ideal colors for your organisation will be selected by skilled designers. So, if you have any ideas for colors, include them in your design brief. Your ideas might be as generic as "blue and black," or you can offer examples of particular color values in the form of photos.


You can also provide inspiration to your designer such as a mood board. Many items may go on a mood board. Here, you may attach photographs of logo applications (coasters, wooden signs, etc.), photos of other logos you like, or even a pre-existing logo your firm may have that you wish to develop.

It's Better To Clarify Timings And Budget Pre-Hand


You never know how long it might take while create a logo. It may take only a few hours to create a brilliant logo design or it might take days!

If you want to increase your chances of acquiring a fantastic logo, you need to give more time to your designer.

Plan ahead and assign a deadline to your designer so that they have time to make changes. It's a good idea to set aside 2-4 weeks (or be prepared to pay extra in a hurry) for your project.


While it may be unpleasant to speak about money, you must if you have a budget and must adhere to your spending plan! Be careful to ask if the designer charges by the project or by the hour. Be specific about the number of revisions they are providing.

When it comes to logo design, the adage "you get what you pay for" is usually true so be careful!

Once your brief is made and sent to your designer, don't you worry because you can easily get logo design services in USA, you can also acquire cheap logo design services if your budget is low! 

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