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What Do PPC Management Companies Do?

What Do PPC Management Companies Do?

PPC management companies in Orlando are the kind of companies that supervise the advertising efforts of their clients on the internet. It manages a client’s spending on paid advertisements on the internet. Their strategies are to minimize the expenditure and buying of the advertisements. PPC companies manage all the online ad campaigns and make sure to show advertisements to the right people. 

Every PPC management company in Orlando in the market manages the account on a different basis. Some companies specialize in managing the ads of specific platforms such as Google Ads or Facebook ads. While some other companies manage the ads of various platforms. Overall most of the PPC companies manage online paid campaigns. For the clients, choosing which PPC company to approach is based on their resources, capabilities, and the business they are serving. 

The main three responsibilities of PPC management companies are as follows:

The Setup

The responsibility of the PPC management company in Orlando includes setting up the ad campaign and foundation. The setup can happen in several steps, such as the campaign structure, creating ads, and implementing conversion tracking. Setup can happen by applying a strategy. These strategies have to be strong and effective. A strong and effective strategy is essential for running ad campaigns successfully. 

The setup includes knowing the target audiences that the clients have defined. The company has to know the KPIs and the CTR. The setup of the pay-per-click advertising campaign includes various factors that are written below.

  • Keywords, placements 
  • The audience, demographic targeting
  • Content exclusions 
  • Dynamic ad targets, the location targeting
  • Ads pay per click advertising groups, Ad extensions
  • Budget, the landing page
  • Conversion tracking

The Reporting

After the setup of the ad campaigns, the other step is reporting. Reports are always customized according to the different client's KPIs and delivered to the clients regularly. There are different platforms where the PPC companies report to the clients including Excel, Google Data Studio, and more. Reports are of two types: static and dynamic. 

The reports made by the PPC companies contain all the relevant information to the goals of their clients. These reports could be in graphs, charts, benchmarks, comparisons, or other ways that the clients can easily understand. 

There are different levels of sophistication in the reports based on the experience of companies. Some clients want to see a deeper analysis of information related to their websites, such as the ROI and lead quality. On the other hand, some clients want to see only the impressions and clicks. 

The information provided by the PPC companies is value-added and shows the holistic view of the businesses. Reports keep the client informed of all the performance and insights. 

The Optimization

The third main step of PPC companies is to optimize. Optimization is the process under which PPC companies manage the campaigns for better performance. The decisions here are based on the data and the client's goals. Almost all the clients' main goal is to lead quality. PPC companies optimize tactics are as follows : 

  • Ad scheduling, Targeting adjustments
  • A/B testing, Budget shifts
  • Audience observations, 
  • Bid strategy changes and adjustments
  • Negative keywords, Beta features

Optimization is an important step to optimize the campaign. 


The above steps are the main responsibilities of the PPC companies. Other than that, they need to make regular updates in the ad products. The PPC companies have to be attentive, knowledgeable, and proactive. PPC companies can maximize their investments in the media and deliver better results which is beneficial for the business. Working with experienced PPC companies can help in growing and placing a step ahead of your competitors.

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