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Uber For Handyman App Development

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Uber For Handyman App Development

Uber For Handyman App Development is obviously a wise idea to go with, if you are a newbie entrepreneur who wanna step up into the on-demand market right now.

Ease out the process of hiring a professional handyman with the uber for handyman services app!

Uber for handyman is a service that simplifies the way we people choose to get solved with some of the major or minor issues that are about to rise in our home on a daily basis. Yes! As the name implies, the on-demand handyman apps are well versed in providing handy home repairing services at a reasonable cost. This is why a lot of people today often prioritize handyman apps like uber over the traditional handyman services.

Now let us imagine that your house needs a handyman either for carrying out some electric wiring or plumbing works or for fixing up the leaky taps in the kitchen sink/bathroom and you may not be able to get any handyman nearby. everyone you come across seems to have a busy schedule and they are not in a situation to help you out. So, what could you do at this time? This is really a tough situation to cross over as you need help immediately from any handyman outside.

Here is where the scope and the demand of the apps like uber for handyman lies in.The growing demand with the app like uber for handyman is mainly because of the fact that everyone is in need of the handyman services today so to meet their day-to-day home servicing requirements. Rather than going out for handyman shops, booking out for the handyman services right at the uber for handyman apps is proven to be the most beneficial from the customers’ point of view since it helps them save time, effort and money on the go with ease.

One of the most attractive features of the app is that it always works right away in bringing professional handymen who can exactly fit in to the demands of the customers. The customers as well are allowed to search for any particular handyman service in the app and can book an order right at any specific day of their choice.

Well; if you are a newbie to this world of handyman services app and you are not that aware of it previously but wanna know more about it, then I am glad to invite you for this blog to read on…

The on-demand economy has been found to be getting widened over the years and is now prone to reshaping the concept of conventional home servicing and which is nothing but the uber for handyman. The entire market value of these uber for handyman services apps is reported to be something around 869.9 US Dollars on an approx and its annual growth rate (CAGR) is observed to be 52%. Now think about how worth it would be investing in uber for handyman app development!

The following are some other facts that witness this rising trend of on-demand home servicing apps like uber for handyman:

·      The on-demand home services market has been growing rapidly right by attracting around some 22.4 million customers every year as per the Harvard business review.

·      According to a recent report from the New York times magazine, the on-demand home servicing industry of the United States is worth 600 billion US Dollars.

The net worth of the online home servicing sector is predicted to reach 1133. 4 billion US Dollars by the year 2026.

Why uber for handyman:

‘Get a hassle-free handyman service right with uber for handyman’

Nowadays, getting out a skilled handyman right at your doorstep to help you out with the necessary handyman services is not that easy. It is exactly possible only with the handyman like apps available in the market that can help us get connects with the nearby handyman service providers at any point of time without fail.

While going out for handyman shops, we might experience concerns like there will be no handyman available at that time of need. They might be busy with some other customer orders and so that we need to wait until any handyman completes his current task and gets ready to reach out to our service requirements. This is how the hassle comes in with the conventional handyman servicing and this can more likely be avoided with the handyman app like uber.

Salient features of an uber for handyman services app:

An ideal uber for handyman app comes out with the following features:

·      Finding out the right service provider: The app gives some suggestions about tracking the best handyman available at the nearby location by showing all the profiles that match exactly with your searches. Here, you can verify the ratings and reviews of those service providers simultaneously so that you could end up getting the best handyman that you look for.

·      Filters: The app like uber for handyman is noted for this exclusive feature of making appropriate service-related searches that suit the best for the customers; needs.

·      Scheduling appointments: Once finding out the right handyman partner, it’s the time for you to make an order or schedule a service right in the app to get done with your home repairing. The order schedule can be made at your choice of convenience; I mean the date and time. You can either book the service for that instant of time or for later at your time of convenience via the app’s tremendous feature ‘book now or later’. Based on the time that you select, the service provider will reach at your desired location to go ahead with the handyman servicing order raised from your side.

·      Cancelling appointments: If the customers feel that they don’t need to have the services that they have made in prior, then they can feel free to make cancellations via this feature. Cancellations here can be made even at the last minute of taking the service orders and that too is available at free of cost.

·      Geo-location tracking: Upon raising a service order, the customers can track the location of the selected service provider at regular time intervals right with this feature in real-time. By the way, they can calculate the ETA (expected time of arrival) of the service providers. If the service providers ought to take the wrong route, then we can expose it by reaching out to them so that the process will be getting faster and more efficient. This feature in turn ensures transparency with the services and the service providers and boosts up the trust of the customers.

·      Payment convenience: In order to ensure the comfort of the customers, the app has an in-built pay-out option that facilitates the users with making payments of their desires via a variety of gateways entertained. An app downloaded in the mobile device is just enough to go with getting the handyman service and to make payments for the same. The app provides wallets to every active user, through which they can save and transfer funds for making payments completions on time.

·      Transactional safety: Security is what that today’s online users look for in any kind of app when it comes to making transactions and

·      Chat: It provides extensive support to the user community right by solving their queries instantly. This in-app chat facility improves the user engagement rates of the app thus resulting in an enhanced customer base.

·      History: The app consists of all the service-related information available in the form of history updates. In fact, the payments made so far in the app is also displayed in this section so that the users can get a clear history of payments made as of now.

Procedural work flow of handyman apps:

·      Raising request:The customers are free to search for the type of handyman service they wish to get for in the app. As a result of coming across the right set of services and the service providers, they can raise service requests of their choice and convenience.

·      Request acceptance: Once upon getting an order request from the customers’ side, the service provider can get alerts and can either accept or reject the orders based on their interest and availability.

·      Undertaking the order: If the service provider accepts an order from the customer side, he will be allotted to that particular customer’s service for a while so that he can start the job requested and complete within then stipulated time span. Once he starts doing out the job, the timer is set.

·      Task completion: Upon completing the service order, the timer is stopped and the service charges applicable will be sent to the customers for making payouts further.

Thus, as a whole, the community of budding entrepreneurs can take their home servicing businesses online right with the integration of app like uber for handyman.

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