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Mobile Application Security ( A Comprehensive Guide to Secure your Apps)

Robin P
Mobile Application Security ( A Comprehensive Guide to Secure your Apps)

Mobile phones have become a necessity in our daily lives, and they are now more popular than laptop computers. They are not only portable, but they are also advancing technologically at a rapid pace. In just a few years, the number of mobile users has skyrocketed, with nearly half of all people now using mobile devices.

Users now use mobile devices for all activities, from setting an alarm to doing online shopping and banking transactions. As a result, everyone understands how important mobile these days is, as is mobile application security.

What is Mobile Application Security?

Mobile Application Security is a method of protecting applications from all external threats, such as malware and other forms of fraud that put personal and financial information at risk from hackers. It focuses on the software security aspect of mobile applications on a variety of platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Phone. Application security is an important part of a business's online presence, and many businesses rely entirely on mobile applications to connect with users all over the world.

The people might find some issues that affect the Mobile Applications. 

• Few Data Encryption Methods are being used which might be weak.

• Poor authentication and authorization check that can be circumvented by malicious applications or users.

• Sending sensitive data over the Internet without encryption.

There is a flaw in the mobile application security system, and the consequences for consumers are negative. According to the study, half of the companies do not even set a budget for securing Mobile Apps. Furthermore, despite extensive research, it has been confirmed that on average, a company tests less than 30% of the Mobile Apps it develops. Furthermore, some businesses do not even scan the codes in their mobile applications due to security concerns.

In 2019, WhatsApp acknowledged that its app was vulnerable to spyware from an Israli Firm (NSO group) that can easily infect a mobile device simply by calling a user on WhatsApp from an unknown number.

Mobile Application are classified into 3 categories – 

  1. Web Application
  2. Native Application
  3. Hybrid Application

Web Application – Simply put, these are regular applications that anyone can access via a mobile phone that is built in HTML.

Native Application – Applications that run on a specific operating system and are native to the device built with that operating system.

Hybrid Application – It is a combination of both the Web and the Native Application.

What is Mobile Application Security Training?

With the proliferation of smartphones, most web applications are transitioning to mobile apps. With the increased number of services available for mobile apps, attackers now have an easy attack front. They can not only be used to access customer data, but they can also result in major data breaches from servers.

Mobile app security training entails putting a mobile app through its paces in the same way that a malicious user would. There must be a thorough understanding of the business application's purpose and the type of data handled by the company. To do so, a combination of dynamic and static analysis is required to uncover any vulnerabilities that would otherwise go unnoticed if the techniques were not used correctly.

We can think of mobile application testing as a pre-production check to ensure that all the security controls in an application work as expected while protecting against implementation errors. There is a proper testing process in place that considers both the codes and the configuration to ensure that any issues are resolved before the system goes live.

The security of this application becomes very important for the business of any company. For this, the need for security testing coms in demand and hence is considered as an important testing that is carried out by the testers for an app.

There are a few things that can be done to ensure the security of a mobile application.

• High level of Authentication

• Everyone should make provisions for Data security

• One should perform a Through Security Check

• Source Code Encryption

We now have a clear understanding of the importance of mobile application security. Mobile security is a relatively new concept that is closely related to mobile computing. It is the systems and protection against attacks and vulnerabilities, and it is applicable to smartphones and laptop computers. Overall, Mobile Security necessitates a variety of countermeasures and defence mechanisms, but there are some issues that make security difficult to implement. As a result, proper training is required, which Krademy can provide, to understand Mobile Security Application.

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Robin P
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