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How to create a White Label NFT Marketplace?

Lucas Andrew
How to create a White Label NFT Marketplace?

White Label NFT Marketplace

The White label NFT Marketplace is a replica of another NFT platform and it is a 100% customizable clone script with all its end-to-end functionalities. NFT marketplace is where all the digital assets like images, videos, arts, metaverse, music, and all digital collectibles. The creators sell their digital assets as non-fungible tokens in exchange for the cryptos. The NFTs are minted on any of the blockchain networks as the creators wish and once it is minted the creators list it on the NFT marketplace for trade with open bid or auction.

Development of White Label NFT Marketplace

Developing User Interface

The user interface for the white label NFT marketplace has to be created which is going to attract the users for the marketplace. The user interface is the first impression of your marketplace to your user. So, developing an attractive UI will gain initial users to your marketplace.

Development of Tokens

Determine the token standards 721 or 1155 for the NFTs on your marketplace and also specify the blockchain network for your white label NFT marketplace development. The tokens developed will be end-to-end encrypted to make them unique.

Encoding smart contracts

All the processes and functionalities of your marketplace are operated with smart contracts from listing to trade. The NFT marketplaces are decentralized, so to carry out every transaction and operation, smart contracts will be coded with the NFT marketplace.

Storage setup

Setting up IPFS storage where all the NFTs in the white label NFT marketplace are stored to make your marketplace perform well without any lag. DB is developed to store all the information of every user and the IPFS and DB are integrated with UI to make a complete NFT marketplace.


Once the backend is integrated and a complete white label NFT marketplace is developed it undergoes a sequential flow of work to find out and fix the vulnerabilities and bugs of the developed platform.


After completion of all the processes the developed white label NFT marketplace is deployed on the server and will be made available to users around the globe.

Alluring features of White Label NFT Marketplace

Storefront - It is going to change your platform visitor into an active user of your marketplace. So, the best attractive storefront with the most features on listing NFT will gain more users.

Security - The white label NFT marketplace is developed with multiple security features like DDOS, SSRF, CSRF, and more to prevent invasive hack attacks to the platform.

Auction - The NFT can be listed on auction where the price of the particular NFT is determined by the other users and would be sold to the best price by the creator.

Cross-chain - The NFT platforms with cross-chain bridges would gain more users because of the different blockchain networks' interoperability.

Final words

Maticz, the leading NFT Marketplace development company has successfully developed 50+ NFT marketplace for clients all around the world. The experts of Maticz works on various blockchain networks like Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Polygon, Cardano, and Solana for the white label NFT marketplace development.

Lucas Andrew
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