Online Sewing Machine

1. Change the Needle

Needles are the simplest and most affordable part of a machine to change , yet they make up 50 percent of the seam. With no new needle, a sewing machine isn't working effectively. The discussion is over.

2. Clean the Machine

Sewing machines require a weekly, or daily removal of fluff and lint under the plate for throat cleaning. Start by removing the throat plate as well as the bobbin case , exposing the areas where lint collects. With a brush or Q-tip, clean away any visible dust and lint bunnies. If your machine needs oil to be added, then add a drop oil following the cleaning. Don't use canned air. However, if you want a hassle free model that needs a little cleaning, opt for a sewing machine like Singer 3337.

3. Check the Top Threading

If you notice large loops at both sides of the material the issue is that the top thread isn't within those tension discs. Make sure you thread the machine in a specific way. Don't use a weak thread! Place the thread with firmness in every groove and guide on the machine. If the machine isn't properly threaded, it will not sew.

4. Quality Thread

Sewing machines need good thread. What is the best way to know if the thread is of good quality? Thread that came from Grandma's sewing box that was made in the 1950's is used. Thread that costs 2/$1.00 isn't a good thread. Buy thread from an online quilt shop or retailer that sells sewing machines to ensure it's top quality thread.

Sewing machines may be run on thread that is not of high quality However, remember that thread accounts for the remaining 50 percent part of the fabric. Are you confident that it's going to stay put after a few washes? Don't risk it. Use only high-quality thread. You sewing device will appreciate you , and you'll have less stress.

5. Bobbin thread is not in tension of the bobbin.

The bobbin comes with its own tension. If the thread of the bobbin isn't in its proper tension it will appear uneven. Make sure that the bobbin thread "clicks" into bobbin tension.

Online Sewing Machine
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