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Domain Name Transfer - Everything You Need to Know

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Domain Name Transfer - Everything You Need to Know

Domain owners transfer their domain names for various reasons. Some of the significant reasons for transferring a domain registrar are because their current registrar does not offer some of the services they are looking for, or their prices are too high. Whatever the reason may be, you can easily change your domain registrar with the help of any domain transfer company in India.

Who should use domain name transfer services?

If you feel like your current registrar is unreliable with the site's speed, or they have suddenly increased their prices, and you are not satisfied with the services you are getting, you can easily opt for domain name transfer services.

If for whatever reason, you are unhappy with your current domain registrar, you can quickly opt for transferring a domain registrar to the one you like. People who are dissatisfied with the features provided by their current domain registrar can choose to avail of domain name transfer services with a domain transfer company in India.

Another situation when you can opt for transferring a domain registrar is when you feel like other registrars are offering better services and more features at the same price. With tons of registrars available to host your domain, you can now contact any domain transfer company in India to transfer your domain name without hassle.

Things to consider while looking for a new registrar

As you feel unhappy with the services and features provided by your current registrar, here are a few things you should consider when looking for a new registrar:

  1. Features: every registrar has its unique suite of offers and services. Make sure that the new registrar provides all the features you are looking for. Some of the top features that are a must-have with any registrars are web hosting, privacy protection, and email. However, you should also see whether these features require extra payment or are part of the package. Also, don't forget to research the ease of use, customer support, and whether a third-party partner provides their services.
  2. Price: All the domain registrar has a different price range for varied reasons. The price range typically depends on the number and types of features and services they provide. The high price for limited features is one of the many reasons most people opt for transferring a domain registrar. So look for the pricing structure of the domains you are considering transferring your domain name to.
  3. Secure and Easy Transfer: The process of transferring a domain registrar might vary depending on the registrar you choose. Features like transfer lock will help you secure your domain from any unauthorized transfer. Confirmation codes to ensure you have permission to transfer your domain are vital features. So when you look for a new registrar, make sure that they provide these safety features.

Things you should know about before transferring a domain registrar

If you plan to transfer your domain name, there are a few things you should know about. These few steps will ensure a smooth transition as well as there won't be any issue after the domain name transfer:

  1. Updated Contact Information: When you hire a domain transfer company in India, they will ensure that you have updated your contact information. Your current registrar and the new DNS registry will require updated contact information to smoothly transfer the domain name. You can update your contact information in the current registrar's settings/control panel.
  2. Email Address: When you buy a domain name, you typically get an email address linked to it. However, when you are availing of domain name transfer services from any registrar, these email accounts will be deactivated. To ensure there is no issue, later on, make sure you have a backup email address during the transfer process.
  3. Disable WHOIS/Domain Privacy: The new registrar won’t be able to verify your identity unless you have disabled the WHOIS/domain privacy. To make the transition easier by a domain transfer company in India, you should turn your domain privacy off. Also, it is essential to note that your domain must be at least 60 days old for transferring a domain registrar, and you have not made a transfer in the last 60 days, as per rules set by ICANN.
  4. Domain Unlocking: You cannot transfer your domain useless you unlock it. No matter what domain name transfer services you use, unlocking your domain is the only way to transfer it. You can look in your current registrar’s control panel for the ‘Unlock your Domain’ option. Domains are locked by default to keep your account safe from accidental deletion or any changes. Depending on the service provider, you will find the 'Unlock Your Domain' option under the 'Domain' or the 'Security' option.
  5. Requesting an Authorization Code: An authorization code will be called with different names depending upon the domain registry. Some of the most commonly used names are EPP key, auth code, auth-info code, secret code, etc., but they work as passwords. This code is what links your old registrar with the new one. You can typically receive this authorization code within five days after you make the request.
  6. Create an Account with a New Registrar: With any company dealing with domain name transfer services, the next step is creating a new account with the new registrar. After making the account, you should look for the transfer service and enter your last domain name. By that time, you should already have your authorization codes, which you would be required to provide to the new domain registration.
  7. Authorize Domain Transfer: The next thing any domain transfer company in India will authorize your domain transfer after your old registrar and new registrar contact you. You will be required to provide your contact details to ensure official approval of the transfer.
  8. Make the Payment: The last thing you will need to do is make the payment for the domain name transfer. Some registrar might also charge you for the first year of service, while with some, you might get the first year for free.
  9. Finalize: Once your old registrar releases your domain, your new registrar might take up to 5-7 business days to figure out things like servers and domains.


Before you approach any domain transfer company in India, these are everything you must know to avail of their domain name transfer services. If you are ready to shift your domain to a new registrar, consider looking at NTSPL’s offerings.

NTSPL provides transparent, secure, and affordable services to small and large businesses. Domain name transfer will be an easy process if you trust the experts at NTSPL. Get in touch to know the available offers on domain name transfer services.

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