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Choosing The Best Material For Plantation Shutter For Your Home

Sandy Williams
Choosing The Best Material For Plantation Shutter For Your Home

Plantation shutters play a significant role in elevating the appearance of your house, protecting your indoors from the unwanted particles in the outside environment, creating a proper ventilation system, and providing you the needed privacy. Needless to mention, you might be wanting to get your hands on the best plantation shutters in Port Saint Lucie, there is a lot that needs to be considered before doing so. 

Several factors go into consideration before making a purchase, like the size, color, location, aesthetics of your home, and most importantly the material of the shutters. The material of the shutters plays a crucial role in deciding the design, build, and versatility of the shutters. So, do you have any idea as to what could be the best material for the shutters for your home? 

What are the best materials that can be used in the making of the plantation shutters for your windows?

Choosing the best material for window treatment in Port Saint Lucie matters the most in matching different style preferences quite effortlessly. This blog further enumerates the best material for the plantation shutters for your place. 

  • Hardwood 

Hardwood counts as one of the most premium shutter materials. It is super light and durable, However, it is not the best material if your windows are exposed to excess moisture and humidity. Wood is a natural material with stunning beauty and it can naturally retain color stains and paints. Quality shutters can be made using substances like basswood and poplar as these are furniture-grade woods. Some advantages that you are going to witness choosing this substance for your shutters include blemish-free, long-lasting, great finishing, and resistance to warping o splintering. 

  • Laminated Wood 

Laminated wood can be considered a cheaper and decent alternative to solid wood plantation shutters. These can be coated in vinyl, can be stained or painted but they still lack resilience towards heat, moisture, and humidity and thus, tend to delaminate over time in unfavorable conditions. 

  • Foamed Synthetics 

There are various reasons to choose foamed synthetics over any other material for plantation shutters. The substance is relatively cheaper than wood having better properties like higher resistance to moisture, humidity, and fire. Foamed synthetics along with being non-toxic, provide good insulation, which makes them a great product to save on your energy bill. The availability of the material in different designs and colors adds to its versatility. 

  • Alder 

Alder is a top-notch material for making shutters. It is a decent hardwood that is proficient in strength, durability, and damage-resistant factor. It can be customized into any design and appearance of the shutters of your imagination. Moreover, you can easily spot and adore your window shutters from a distance as the cherry grain texture of alder is unmistakable. Moreover, the substance is naturally gorgeous with paint retaining properties. 

  • Medium Density Fiber (MDF) 

Medium-density fiber is basically sawdust mixed with glue and then molded into different shapes. If you want a wooden finish at a relatively lesser cost, then consider medium-density fiber for shutter construction. The MDF shutters are usually wrapped with Vinyl or paint to enhance their resilience towards There are a number of shutter styles made out of MDF that you can choose from. The only limitation of this substance is that it is prone to moisture damage and is as brittle as wood. 

  • Poly Vinyl Chloride 

Not only for plantation shutters, but polyvinyl chloride has been one of the most preferred materials for many household stuff like pipes, curtain holders, and much more. The property of the material to resist moisture and heat is what makes it one of the best materials for window shutters. Also, if you are on a tight budget, you can go for PVC as the inexpensive factor of the material adds to its preferability.

Sandy Williams
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