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Everything about PSD to HTML Conversion [You Should Know]

Everything about PSD to HTML Conversion [You Should Know]

Converting PSD design to HTML is one of the essential processes in web designing. In this process, a photoshop document is converted into an HTML file. This design-to-code process includes web designers and developers working together to visually appealing and functional websites.

The first step of converting PSD design to HTML is to make a website mock-up, a design file with an extension .psd. This file is later converted to an HTML file.

A website, especially a business website, must focus on its functionality and professionalism as many aspects of business like growth, reputation, and even sales depend on the website. The process of converting PSD design to HTML can help you achieve the exact look of a website that a client wants, with added functionality. The PSD design is a form of an experiment before the final website work is executed.

PSD, short for Photoshop documents, is used for creating website design mock-ups, which are later converted into HTML/CSS codes. If you are working on a website, it is always wise to design it in photoshop before starting coding. Experimenting with the looks and elements of a website is more manageable with photoshop, and once you are sure what you want, you can start working on converting PSD design to HTML.

If you are not sure whether you can pull off these activities, you can always rely on PSD to HTML conversion services in India. Many website development companies with expert professionals will help you with PSD to HTML conversion services in India, and you can quickly achieve a functional website.

Why Should One Follow The Process of Converting PSD To HTML?

While web creation can implement various frameworks with easy methods, converting PSD design to HTML method is considered appropriate for web designing despite its outdated reputation.

Here’s why photoshop is considered appropriate for web designing:

  • Photoshop makes it easier to represent the model design to the clients visually. It also means the clients find it easier to understand the design before the website coding starts.
  • Photoshop allows designers to create unique designs.
  • Modern web design demands high-quality image and design, and Photoshop helps one develop a design exactly how a modern website expects.

Creating a mock-up in Photoshop is faster and easier. Since the design phase is a process where the client likes to change things, approve or disapprove certain aspects, you need Photoshop for more rapid designing and changing.

Converting PSD design to HTML is a lengthy process, but it will also have quality codes and eventually hassle-free maintenance.

How to Convert PSD to HTML?

Converting PSD design to HTML is not a piece of cake. Not only will you require in-depth skills and knowledge, but also various tools. If you are in the dark regarding the knowledge, skills, or tools, you can acquire PSD to HTML conversion services in India for building a website from scratch.

However, if you are curious about what steps and phases a PSD to HTML conversion goes through, look at the below steps.

  1. PSD Slicing: Slicing your PSD files will help your pages load faster. This process follows silencing the PSD files in various little pieces.
  2. Creating Directories: Creating directories helps you organize your different types of data. For example, you can have different directories for images, styles, website names, etc.
  3. Writing HTML Codes: Writing HTML codes should always start with the Header section. Using appropriate HTML codes and beginning with the Header will help you avoid errors in the development process.
  4. Creating Style Files: You can use an HTML editor for creating style files. Some of the elements in a style sheet are font size, font type, image position, background style or color, etc.
  5. Web Design Set: Creating a web design set is where you put all the elements together using a code editor.
  6. JavaScript Interaction: Coding dynamic front-end is easier when you allow Javascript interaction.
  7. Upgrading to a Responsive Design: Many sites on the web will check your website’s responsiveness for free. This process helps your website be equally functional and good-looking in all types of browsers and sizes of devices.

What Tools Are Required & Used by For PSD to HTML Conversion Services in India for conversion?

PSD to HTML conversion services in India uses various tools in the web development process. If you are looking for a successful conversion of your PSD to HTML, using advanced tools is mandatory.

NTSPL’s PSD to HTML5 Conversion Services

  1. PSD to XHTML/CSS2F: To ensure the integration of website content, NTSPL provides high-quality and efficient PSD conversion support for XHTML/CSS2F.
  2. Hand Coded XHTML Strict Mark-up: The team of designers and programmers creates websites that are fast, convenient, cost-effective, and robust.
  3. Creating Responsive Designs: When converting your Photoshop designs into functional and responsive HTML codes, NTSPL employs the most effective techniques available to ensure that they perform accurately.
  4. Advanced HTML Web Standards: NTSPL's team of experienced developers and programmers is conscious of the most recent HTML web standards. It incorporates them into their designs to make them appear unique and captivating.
  5. Advanced Integration Solutions: Starting with web construction and progressing through email template design, NTSPL’s solutions are fully compliant with the most recent and most advanced web standards available.
  6. Fully Customized & Bespoke Design: The team adheres to robust coding standards to meet the expectations of our clients consistently.

Some good going tools graphic designers and coders use for PSD to HTML Conversion process –

  • Sublime Text: Sublime Text is a code editor that provides better features than Notepad ++ and is an efficient conversion tool.
  • Adobe Photoshop: Many PSD to HTML conversion services in India use Photoshop for web designing. PSD is all about photoshop documents, so Adobe Photoshop is the essential tool.
  • CSS Hat: If you want to speed up your conversion process, CSS Hat is a must because it changes your PSD layer into CSS without much hassle.

Some of the other tools that PSD to HTML conversion services in India uses are Avocode, CSS3ps, etc.


NTSPL is a reputable name and a leading company for providing technology solutions with global standards. If you are looking for PSD to HTML conversion services in India, NTSPL will provide you with all your comprehensive requirements.

All you need to do is send your files in PSD format, and the team will convert them into a mobile-friendly HTML version website. PSD-to-HTML5 conversion is a critical step in keeping your website up-to-date and creating a state-of-the-art website. You can contact NTSPL for PSD to HTML conversion services in India and achieve a lightweight and high-performance business website.

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