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5 Benefits Of Content Tagging For SEO

Kajal Kumari
5 Benefits Of Content Tagging For SEO

Content Tagging plays a crucial role in SEO. Many SEO professionals define content tagging for SEO as " it depends". 

But it actually has a great impact on SEO.

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In this article, we will explore the benefits of content tagging in SEO. Moving forward, first, we need to understand what is content tagging.

What is Content Tagging?

Tagging refers to a piece of information or tag that describes what the content is about and makes it easy to locate the content on the web.

Content tagging is an important aspect of the modern web world. 

It became important when social bookmarking, image sharing, and many more social media websites came into existence.

Today more people are using the internet for uploading and sharing their content. 

This results in uploading a vast amount of files to the web and to keep these files organized, content tagging is used.

You can simply create a tag for your content that will work as a keyword for your content and the web databases will quickly search your content using these keywords.

For example: On Twitter, you use hashtags to reach more and more audiences. These hashtags categorize your tweets and quickly shows your tweet to the users when they search for the same keyword.

5 Benefits of Content Tagging:

The main benefit of content tagging is it provides search engine visibility for your content.

Besides this, it has many more benefits.

1. Search Engine Visibility

Let's take an example of the Netflix genre and search for this keyword in any tool. 

You will see that they rank at the top for this keyword. Tags are beneficial for keyword visibility on search engines like Google.

As shown in the image their genre tagging ranks in the top 3 in the Google search engine.

2. Conversion

As you have seen above, Netflix genre tag pages rank on top in search engines. 

But driving traffic is one more benefit of using tags.

Just look at the image below, how the Netflix genre pages have a call to action for their users. 

Thus driving traffic using tags is much simpler than other methods of conversions.

3. Personalization

Content tagging helps to feed personalization. For example: have a look at the image below showing the personalized lists for their users.

These personalized tags are based on the user's video history and searches.

4. Advertising

Tags help several advertising systems to display ads related to the tags. 

It helps to deliver the ads in front of the right audience.

Sometimes these tags also work as hidden tags, whereby the advertising system would not show ads to a user on a sensitive topic.

5. Analytics

Tagging also helps the system to understand different patterns of user searches.

For example, Google News shows you the content on topics you have previously searched for in the search engine.


Tagging is the hidden mechanism of the modern web. If done correctly it can improve your SEO with low effort and high impact.

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Kajal Kumari
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