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Reduce your energy costs with regular HVAC maintenance

Tim Scott
Reduce your energy costs with regular HVAC maintenance

The services performed by the HVAC companies can keep your ventilation, heating, and air conditioning systems in good condition. Enhancing the efficiency of the ventilating, AC and heating systems can save a lot on energy bills and make them last longer. If you are maintaining your appliances well, you can expect to spend less in replacements and repairs.

Given below are a few steps that you can follow to keep your ventilation, AC, and heating appliances in good shape-


Periodical changing of Air Filters

One of the most cost-effective strategies to keep your AC in proper condition is to keep the air filters clean. If the air filters are too old, get them replaced. The filters keep dirt, dust, and allergens away to keep the air quality clean. But if they are not cleaned or replaced after a certain time, they might reduce their efficiency and that can take a toll on your health. Make sure your HVAC contractor knows when and how to replace the air filters.


Regular checking of fans

Even if the HVAC unit operates normally, the fan circulating the air indoor (of the blower and vacuum area) can become inefficient due to the dust and dirt buildup. It can also cause an extra burden on the motor. But if it is taken regular care of and is maintained well, it can improve the HAVC unit's efficiency.


Oiling the motor of the blower

The fan motor must be oiled regularly to keep it running. An HVAC contractor knows how to keep the motor up and running. If the motor is sealed, it would not require regular oiling.


A pro HVAC contractor can take up the maintenance job of your HVAC unit and enhance the life of your appliances. The professional can also help cut down the energy costs and keep the repairing cost to the minimum. You may wait for critical damage before calling a professional, but that can cost you a lot. Additionally, you can never get the idea as to how well-maintained the system is.

HVAC maintenance checklist-


  1. Replace/repair/clean the filters regularly
  2. Rinse the pipelines and unclog them for better flow
  3. Maintain the condensers and evaporator coils
  4. Check the ducts for debris and specks of dust
  5. Remove the water standing on the drainage pans
  6. Check the thermostat
  7. Replace the batteries if required
  8. Check if there's any leakage in the HVAC cabinet
  9. The cabinet door of the HVAC unit must be properly closed
  10. The fan motor must be operational
  11. Ignition burner must be carefully checked
  12. The gas leakage must be checked if you have a gas heater
  13. Worned off pulleys and belts should be replaced
  14. Bearing and motors should be lubricated periodically
  15. Gas pressure must be checked
  16. All the electrical connections must be checked
  17. Flue system must be checked
  18. Heat pump must be regularly inspected

Professional maintenance of your HVAC system ensures you do not require stress about your ventilation, AC, and heating systems. If there's any system fault or any system breakdown, it would be taken care of by the HVAC company you have hired. If your HVAC professional feels your appliance is not repairable, s/he would suggest you the best replacement deal and suggest you the best appliance to be installed as per the requirements.

Hiring an expert professional is as important as buying a new appliance. If you can get a good HVAC contractor, you can rest assured that an average quality HVAC unit would function more than expected.

Tim Scott
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