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LED lighting solutions for the indoor basketball court

LED lighting solutions for the indoor basketball court

For outdoor basketball courts, due to the supplement of natural light during the day but the darker light at night, it has to rely on artificial lighting. Normally the lighting fixtures are installed on poles placed at 4 corners in an outdoor basketball courtyard. For indoor basketball court lighting, the quality of a lamp can not only affect the overall lighting performance, but also affect the grade of the basketball court, and the customers’ sports experience.

So, what does a good indoor basketball court lighting look like?

Firstly the led lights for the basketball hoop should be soft and not dazzling.

A basketball court designed for general sports, just requires light on the floor, while a court designed for professional games like an NBA basketball court or other activities require professional lighting. Because the indoor basketball court is a closed space, the light will diffuse and reflect, so the requirements on the lighting fixtures are relatively strict. The light should be bright and soft, not glare so that enthusiasts in the basketball gymnasium can fully enjoy the game. For basketball enthusiasts, the dazzling lights not only affect their watch experience but also cause serious damage to their eyes under long-term strong light exposure.

Secondly the service life of the basketball court lights.

Some general basketball lighting fixtures have a short service life which requires frequent maintenance. Therefore, a good basketball led light is not only soft and not dazzling but also has a long service life to save your management budget. How do choose the right lighting fixtures to light up your basketball backyard?

  1. The lights must not be dazzling. The problem of glare is still one of the main problems that plague all stadiums.
  2. Lights with long service life, low light decay, low maintenance rate, and low replacement rate.
  3. The light energy is effectively concentrated in the designated area to reduce light waste.
  4. An intelligent control system, step-less dimming, intelligent filled light, light show, and other scene modes.
  5. Therefore, when buying a basketball light fixture, you can’t blindly look at the price only.

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