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Fat-freezing for your Chin

Wellbeing Clinic
Fat-freezing for your Chin

It might be challenging to reduce your double chin. And, that tiny bit of fat sticks to the chin regardless of how much you exercise and diet. Fortunately, current body sculpting procedures have presented us with many options for removing this discomfort.

The non-invasive fat freezing in Dubai therapy can practically freeze away fat within a few weeks, removing a tenacious double chin. But how does it operate? How many sessions do you need to get the results from the therapy? Let us know about it.

How does fat-freezing work in your chin?

Fat-freezing is a non-surgical, FDA-permitted body sculpting therapy that freezes fat tissue using highly controlled freezing temperatures. To know why it works so well, let's first look, what it is like.

What is fat-freezing like?

Fat-freezing for your chin does not require anesthesia or any additional prep. You can literally walk into your physician's office for your consultation and begin. Experts perform the fat-freezing treatment by utilising a handheld applicator that resembles a vacuum cleaner tip. This applicator is made to target tiny areas, including the chin, and doctors cover the chosen area with a gel cushion. The applicator applies pressure to separate the fat plus freeze it with freezing temperatures as your physician pushes it around the surgical site.

People who have undergone fat-freezing in Dubai say it is a painless procedure. The freezing temperatures dull the affected location within a few moments, and you won't even feel much either. After your therapist has finished treating the entire targeted area, they will generally massage it to separate any frozen deep tissue adipose.

The fat-freezing for your chin procedure takes about 35 minutes. You can walk straight out of your doctor's office after it's over and get back to your normal schedule with no downtime.

By what time will you get the outcomes?

Your results will not be immediate. Fat-freezing kills fat cells beneath the skin instead of eliminating them as intensive surgical techniques do. The body takes a break to crumble and drain out the old fat tissue. So, most people overlook obvious benefits for up to three weeks after their first session.

The outcomes will keep improving as the body eliminates extra fat cells from the targeted area. Your complete results will appear in 3 months. However, some people report minor changes up to 6 months following their initial therapy.

How many fat-freezing treatments are needed for your chin?

A single fat-freezing treatment can eliminate up to 25 percent of adipose from a double chin. That's more than enough to create a noticeable difference but retains some fat behind. Nobody needs over two fat-freezing sessions to get the chin results they want.

You must probably wait about one month after your initial treatment on the chin before returning for a second visit. This will give your effects time to mature and your body the opportunity to clean out the fat cells.

Want to know more about the number of sessions you will need to reduce the fat on your chin? Contact Wellbeing Clinic today to get more clarification about fat freezing in Dubai!

Wellbeing Clinic
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