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Watch out for red flags when hiring a commercial general contractor

Jordan Petrich
Watch out for red flags when hiring a commercial general contractor

Hiring a contractor is never an easy job. Whether your job is big, small, or just needs a few modifications, picking the right general contractor round rock tx is a stressful thing to do. Although there is one thing you can do to get the maximum of your relationship as a client and the contractor. 

In this article, you’ll get to know how to judge a contractor that is genuine and is most likely to build a relationship with you. Here are some of the red flags that you must be careful of. If you witness that at an early stage, take it as a sign that you need to look for another contractor. 

Red flags when hiring a general contractor round rock tx


Many clients complain about the contractor is not being responsive. In many cases, the contractors didn’t even bother to return calls of potential clients. This can be taken as an indication of the fact that may never even bother to get to know you, take up appointments or even give a follow-up right from the initial conversation. One of the three things are possible if they don’t communicate back to you - they might be busy at the moment, they are not in the mood to work, or simply don’t wish to get back to you. 

Advice: If your chosen contractor doesn’t take out time to respond to you or your queries, visit or even emails within a reasonable time duration, that’s probably a sign that they’ll never get back to you. In case you hire someone like that, don’t be surprised if they don’t schedule your project, take longer time than promised, or run over budget. 


It is not really surprising that contractors can take up one day or two or even longer to complete your project. But, when it takes longer than a few months, the results things can really get unbearable.

In many cases, clients required a few remodels in the space, and upon hiring a contractors will all-in-one services, the results turned out to be surprising.

Advice: If you want remodelers to do your project, ask them upfront if they’ll work committedly to finish the job before another one starts. Ask the contractor to give you a written schedule. Also, ensure that both the parties, that is, you and the contractor sign it.

If the contractor doesn’t give you the guarantee of time, he’s probably planning to take up another job in the middle. It’s better not to hire him.

Turn loose

In many instances, people asked the experts to do a job and the result that turned out was something unacceptable. For instance, in one case, clients asked the contractors to flatten the ceiling and they did too, but in the process, they removed the lights and air-conditioning vents, leaving the room unusable.

This was an example when people left the contractors loose on the premises to do what seems right.

Advice: The only advice that seems feasible here is - don’t leave contractors loose in your office or commercial building. Ask for a plan, an agreed-upon design, and a written contract. Clear our doubts about the designs and what the contractors will do and don’t let them make decisions on your behalf.

Hire General Contractors Near Me

By now, you’d probably have figured out how to hire a general contractor near me. If not, Dominion Remodeling & Construction, Inc. is here to provide you services all around Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, and other parts of Texas too.

We are interested in establishing long-term relationships with all our clients and build values, trust, honesty, and reliance. 

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Jordan Petrich
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