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Tips for maintaining your wastewater system and equipment

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Tips for maintaining your wastewater system and equipment

If you want your wastewater treatment system to function efficiently, you should learn how to maintain your wastewater equipment supplies Proper maintenance is vital for wastewater aeration and treatment systems. Without proper equipment maintenance, the life of your treatment equipment will shorten by as much as 30%. If you have long-lasting equipment then the discrepancy will add up to a loss of many years of functionality.


Why is it important to maintain your treatment systems?

There are several reasons you should invest in the maintenance of your equipment. Here are some of the reasons.


Extending the lifespan of the equipment

When your wastewater treatment equipment is maintained properly, you will get the most out of it. Regular maintenance will extend the lifespan of your pipes, diffusers and blowers.


Maintenance increases aeration efficiency

Regular maintenance of your system will help you generate stronger oxygen transfer levels and the efficiency of aeration will be increased. On the other hand, when you neglect the maintenance of your equipment, these levels will plummet.


Reduces energy consumption

When a wastewater treatment system is well-maintained, it will help your facility reduce the consumption of energy. A system that gets regular maintenance will not stress its blowers and will make modest power demands.



It is very expensive to purchase new wastewater treatment equipment. The costs to replace and repair components that wear down due to infrequent maintenance can add up. An increase in power demands can lead to high bills. You can mitigate this by investing in regular maintenance of your wastewater equipment supplies.


How to maintain your wastewater treatment system

Now that you know the benefits of water solutions, it is important to know how to maintain your equipment.


Keep a detailed schedule

You should make a plan for maintaining your wastewater treatment plant and stick to that plan. Doing proper maintenance on equipment that looks to be in shape is easier and more economical than performing maintenance on equipment that needs a lot of replacements and repairs.


Make a checklist

One treatment plant operates a lot of equipment and this can make it easy to overlook something that may seem to be small but essential. Making a checklist will help ensure that each piece of equipment gets the maintenance it requires to keep running smoothly.


Check for signs of aging

Most of your submerged pieces of equipment may show signs of corrosion and age over time. Plastic may start turning brittle and crack, the rubber may harden, shrink or stretch and metal may corrode or rust. You should ensure you replace these components before they affect the performance of the whole system.


Make adjustments

You should adjust your maintenance schedule accordingly. If you notice that your wastewater treatment plant is processing more volume or your wastewater contains a higher solid concentration then you will need to do maintenance more frequently than you used to.


Work with a professional

Working with a professional will ensure that your wastewater equipment supplies Australia are well-maintained as they should be.  

xylem AU
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