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This quote is relevant for many situations in life but is especially important when presenting products to new users and for retaining current customers. Making customers aware of the value of your offering is one of the most important, but also the most difficult, processes when launching a SaaS product. The good news is that today this first impression can (and should!) be planned, analyzed, and used for future growth. saas onboarding examples

What is user onboarding?

SaaS onboarding is the process that allows users to quickly get familiar with the benefits of your cloud service and helping them to understand your product’s functions, tools, interface, navigation, etc. Onboarding usually happens the first time prospects visit/register on the site and it helps the new user to overcome the most common difficulties.

Onboarding improves customer satisfaction and prevents customer churn because they don’t have to spend time on trial and error, reading guides, or talking to tech support. Instead, they can focus on the goal they set for themselves when they came to your site. guide to saas onboarding


  • What is user onboarding?
  • 2 Tips for successful user onboarding
  • 3 Planning user journey
  • 4 Reducing friction
  • 5 Guides, product tours, and tips

Reducing friction

If your website has a clear value proposition but then it’s followed by a bad signup experience, the onboarding process can stop altogether. Friction is inevitable, but good design can help eliminate it and contribute to successful registration. Friction is anything that slows down (or stops completely) your prospects moving down the sales funnel. Conversion frictions can be caused by:

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