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Never Hire An Unlicensed Commercial Remodeling Contractor

Jordan Petrich
Never Hire An Unlicensed Commercial Remodeling Contractor

Looking for commercial remodeling contractors near me? You know you need to find contractors who are most experienced. However, you still need to consider one fact, whether they are licensed or not. Having appropriate licensure is necessary for remodeling contractors because of many reasons. 

In this post, let’s uncover some of the reasons why you should never hire an unlicensed contractor. 

Never Hire An Unlicensed Contractor

They may not have proper skills and knowledge

First, even remodeling contractors need to pass exams. To get certified to perform construction services, people need to have a certain level of knowledge plus experience. In order to get a pass, they are asked questions related to construction and the contractors must score a certain number.

An individual who is willing to pass an examination to become a certified professional means that he or she is serious about the job and demonstrates the required knowledge of their profession. 

May not follow the law

In Texas, all commercial and residential contractors need to have a proper license to work or construct a building. Without a license, the person may not be complying with the law. 

They might be reliable

Before getting a license, the contractors need to show their financial status. The professionals working in the commercial construction industry need to undergo a credit check and get their financial stability evaluated. This process prevents contractors with the potential to rip off the clients from getting a license.

Additionally, for legal purposes, commercial contractors need to get their fingerprints scanned while giving examinations.

They cannot get insurance

Licensed commercial contractors must have a license or the insurance company would deny their application for any insurance. So, if you hire a contractor by searching for remodeling near me, see that they aren’t unlicensed because then they won’t get insurance. This means that if something happens to any associates on the job, they won’t get any insurance to cover losses or injuries.

All the financial responsibilities like legal bills, medical bills, and other miscellaneous expenses would become a burden on your shoulders. Let’s say that you are their employer, thus, they become your responsibility. In this case, the insurance company will not help an unlicensed commercial contractor. 

You could face issues in the long run

Initially, you will only see that the project gets completed perfectly and on time. However, in the hurry, you’ll forget to check if the hired construction services are from a licensed commercial contractor or not. This could get you in trouble in the future. You may face difficulty in getting your building or structure repaired.

Things can get costly

It seems easy and cost-saving to hire an unlicensed contractor. While it might intrigue you initially, but still remain at risk of experiencing problems in the future. You don’t know if they hired contractors will come for a repair or not. You could find yourself in trouble as there is no guarantee. 

Also, you might end up spending more than expected. Therefore, it is best to hire licensed commercial remodeling contractors near me in the first place. 

It can decrease your property value

If you think of upgrading the building and increasing the property value, work from an unlicensed commercial contractor won’t help you. They won’t be able to get any permissions from the authority in case your remodeling and upgrading need permits. Also, if you go on sale, you would need to disclose the information that the building isn’t constructed or remodeled by a licensed contractor. 

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Jordan Petrich
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