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5 Tremendous Advantages Of Oakville Private School Education

5 Tremendous Advantages Of Oakville Private School Education

The most important decision a parent makes is about the education of their children. There are a number of factors involved in choosing between Oakville Private School and public school.

A better school can be really helpful to take the child to the path of success. Private schools want to give them access to bigger opportunities along with offering boarding and alternative school facilities.

If you think that public schools take care of students better than private schools, then so sorry, read this article because this is going to change your mind.

1.    Students-Teachers’ Relationship

The relationship between students and teachers is perfect because of the ratio of students and the teacher.

With a low student-to-teacher ratio, private school teachers can easily work on the skills, interests, and passion of the students.

It is also a famous saying that the smaller the class size, the greater an average grade.

On the other hand, public schools adjust a large number of students in a single class, which cannot be handled by a single teacher.

Every student needs proper guidance and attention to be focused so that he can grow well.

2.    Environment

Private schools in Oakville are famous for their high standards of discipline and learning environment.

With a school with fewer students, it is very easy to manage the school grounds. Families love private schools as they offer a safe learning environment.

Also, faculty work and nourish children's social skills and improve good behavior. Private schools also hold up a reputation for maintaining safety standards.

It also extends to high health and hygienic standards, which is very important during the Coronavirus pandemic.

3.    Extracurricular Activities

As we know in today’s lifestyle, extra-curricular activities are equally important with education. It is so helpful in your daily life and boosts your confidence in all matters.

Private schools also train their students in different sports like badminton, football, hockey, and cricket, which is essential for their health and to relax their minds.

There are also many speech competitions held which improve communication. At the same time, public schools do not focus on these sorts of activities.

If you want the overall development of your child, then a private school is the best option which focuses on all these points to improve the mental and physical growth of children.

4.    Dedicated Teachers

Dedication of the teachers is the main reason for choosing private schools. They are highly qualified and also passionate about their subject.

Students interact with them in a good manner, and also teachers are very kind and commonly, teachers are role models for the students.

Teachers of private schools are highly motivated to engage their students and also with a higher degree in their field.

Parents can have some open communication with the staff of private schools and school administrations. It is always a great opportunity for parents to get involved in a child’s education.

5.    Public School Vs. Private Schools

Countless studies and tests have been conducted to achieve high scores in private schools.

The testing system of public schools is not that so good, and not much attention is given to the child.

The private school system focuses on a single child and always tries to solve their problem.

Private schools create an atmosphere that is healthy for the nourishment of the students and always try to maintain their higher grades with full devotion and hard work.

Public schools focus on the present condition of the students, but the private school system always prepares students for the future academically and also engages them in different sports to boost their morale and create the quality of sportsman spirit.

If we talk about the resources, we all clearly know that the resources are not sufficient in public schools.

Whereas you will find incredible resources to support children learning in sports, classroom, field, and beyond in private schools.


These are some of the advantages of Oakville private school education. The private school system is far much better than public schools.

The environment is too friendly and safe; all the faculty members are highly qualified and kind.

If you want to improve your child’s skills and behavior, you should definitely go with the private school system.

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