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Token Development on Solana Blockchain: Why you should do it?

Antier Solutions
Token Development on Solana Blockchain: Why you should do it?

Solana, a blockchain that is often hailed as “Ethereum Killer” has established itself as a fast, secure, and censorship-resistant protocol in 2021. As one of the rising stars in the blockchain space, Solana has seen its TVL (Total Value Locked) soar from $144 million to $11 billion over the last 9 months. This 8X rise in TVL is a result of growing dApp as well as token development on Solana blockchain. 

 Projects like Raydium, Serum, Saber chose to create a token on the Solana Blockchain because Solana is a 50,000 transactions per second (TPS) blockchain and uses the Proof of Stake mechanism which is environment friendly. All these tokens are called SPL (Solana Program Library) tokens and are fungible tokens developed on the Solana blockchain. These tokens can only be stored on Solana compatible sollet.io. 

 Why does SPL token development matter?

Token development on Solana Blockchain is different from the ERC-20, BEP-2, or BEP-20 token and this is expected to become a trend in 2022. The SPL token development has played an important role in helping the Solana ecosystem grow. That is because they represent the monetary value of the underlying protocol. Here is why a seasoned token development company like us proposes developing a token on Solana :

1) Protocol advantage

Solana blockchain uses a combination of Proof of stake and proof of history consensus. While the PoS consensus ensures the security and environmental friendliness of the blockchain, its PoH consensus algorithm ensures the network has higher efficiency and a higher throughput rate. Basically, by having a separate consensus that maintains a historical record of events, the dApps running on top of Solana can easily track transactions. This unique way of using two consensuses will continue to be a trend in 2022. 

2) Transactional security

Built on the RUST programming language Solana network inherently safeguards the transactions. On top of that Solana uses the Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT) algorithm which acts as a safety shield. That means even if a particular Solana node fails, the entire system will stay intact. This ensures the dApps that use Solana blockchain and Solana token development won’t face any downtime ever.

3) Simultaneous clearing of memepool

 Solana uses a unique Gulfstream system that removes the need for a memepool and that is how the high throughput is maintained. Basically, to understand memepool is a waiting area for the transactions that are yet to be processed. The Solana network is designed in a way that as soon as a transaction enters, it is immediately moved to the validators. This means even before a new transaction is added, the previous transaction gets clear. This ensures the Solana blockchain and the tokens using the same won’t face any congestion ever. 

 4) Multiple Smart Contract running

Solana uses sealevel technology to ensure multiple smart contracts can run at the same time. This saves time and ensures any token transactions that happen on Solana are cost-efficient. 

5) Horizontal scaling 

Solana’s scalability is driven by its horizontal scaling method. Basically, the Cloudbreak system ensures the system remains scalable and the tokens and transactions that happen on top of it never face throughput issues. 

6) Pocketing and pipelining 

Whatever we discussed above, some of the other blockchains also implement these technicalities to promise speed. However, the Solana ecosystem is a mixed bag of the best scaling solutions out there. In addition to the above-mentioned mechanisms, Solana segregates transactions into different task types. This is known as pipelining and ensures fast processing of transactions.

Also creates smaller pockets out of the blockchain nodes. As the smaller packets of information are easy and quick to transact, Solana and the tokens developed on Solana do not face bandwidth issues. 

Wrapping it up

Token development is a combination of both technical and business know-how. At Antier Solutions, we bring in our years of expertise to develop the right kind of token on the most appropriate blockchain based on the use case of your business token.

Antier Solutions
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