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4 Unique Uses For 8x10 Area Rugs

Mark Larkin
4 Unique Uses For 8x10 Area Rugs

If you need to spruce up your home in unique ways to keep up with rapidly changing home décor trends, then you’re certainly not alone. The good news is that there are many easy ways to spruce up your home without spending thousands of dollars at a time, and below we’ll be going over some tips when it comes to decorating with 8x10 area rugs so you can get more creative with your rugs.


We’ve teamed up with the specialists at Rug Source to help us create this list of design tips that you should keep in mind, so take it from the pros in that the following unique uses for area rugs are a great way to get creative with your living or dining room’s overall ambience!


Defining Room Boundaries


8x10 area rugs just so happen to be the perfect size for most homes when it comes to defining spaces and overall boundaries between rooms within an open floor plan. This is also a great way to make certain spaces within your home appear much larger than they actually are!


Spaces can seem smaller within open floor plans, particularly when two rooms flow into each other rather seamlessly. But when you place a high-quality area rug at your preferred room boundary, you’ll effectively define the living and dining room without needing any kind of pillars or walls.


Area rugs are great definition points within these types of floor plans, but you’ll of course need to purchase the correct size to make it look right. 8x10 area rugs work great in a lot of homes, but they may not work in every room depending upon your unique preferences and floor plan.


Purchasing Non-Rectangular Area Rugs


The vast majority of homeowners believe that area rugs are supposed to be rectangular in shape, and some people think that rugs only come in rectangles! The truth is that rectangles are popular rug shapes, but area rugs truly come in many other shapes that you can keep in mind for your home’s décor.


Rectangular rugs tend to only work within traditional floor plans and design schemes, but round rugs are also a good option when you’re looking to be more creative with your home sprucing!


Using Your Area Rugs As Wall Art


It’s very likely that you want to change up your wall art when you’re looking to spruce up your home, and we all know that wallpaper can be pretty expensive and that painting is always rather tedious. You don’t necessarily always have to go with your home generic décor options when you’re developing wall art, and many homeowners are choosing unique types of area rugs like kilim rugs to use as their new wallpaper replacements.


Area rugs come in all sorts of different shapes, patterns and colors, so you can rather easily turn these flooring options on your walls. And you may be surprised by how this type of wall art can spark conversations amongst you and your guests!


Layering Your 8x10 Area Rugs


Although there may be a traditional rule that each room should only have one area rug, this isn’t a design theme that you must abide by. Rug layering is the concept of using multiple area rugs in the same space to develop a unique flooring aesthetic, and doing this correctly will require a lot of attention towards size and color.


It’s important to take your time when you’re planning our rug layering, because you don’t want your room to feel too small and you also don’t want your flooring to appear overwhelming. But when this design trick is done right, it always looks really intriguing and only adds more to a home’s overall aesthetics!


Reach Out To The Industry Experts At Rug Source To Learn More!


When it comes to being creative with 8x10 area rugs, you really do have a limitless amount of options. Keeping your options open is always a great idea when you’re getting creative with area rugs, and you can always learn more tricks by speaking directly with the industry experts by going through the link at the top of the blog! 

Mark Larkin
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