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5 Steps To Prepare Your Roof For Winter: I5 Exteriors, Inc.

i5 Roofing & Exteriors Inc.
5 Steps To Prepare Your Roof For Winter: I5 Exteriors, Inc.

Many people say that fall is a good time to inspect your roof and get the roof ready for winter. You must have never realized that due to the rise in temperature at the time of fall, the roof shrinks, which causes roof damage. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your roof is properly maintained by a professional. There are a few things you can do to get your commercial roof ready for winter. The following explains 5 key steps to getting your commercial roof ready for the winter months. 

1.Inspect your roof

2. Make sure roof and gutters are clean 

3. Inspect flashing 

4. Inspect ceiling and for any damage caused by pests 

5. Make recommended repairs to your residential commercial roof

1. Has your commercial roof inspected

You don't want to wait for the first winter freeze before someone comes out and inspects your roof. If you do this, you will increase the chances of small problems becoming big ones. To keep your warranty good, it is essential that an authorized roofing contractor conducts regular inspections.

Certified inspectors will know the right area to inspect and how to properly cool your roof. They will also be able to tell any sites where it may be vulnerable so they can fix problems. Even the smallest puncture can become an issue if not taken care of immediately.

2. Make sure your roof and gutters are clean

Before inspecting your roof, you should make sure it has been cleaned. You can get this done by your roofing professional. Removing all debris will give the inspector a better view of the roof and allow a more thorough inspection. You should clean your roof from time to time so that it does not collect leaves, mildew, or any kind of blockage.

Once your roof is cleaned, the inspector will be able to inspect the gutters. He or she will look for any weak spots, blockages or other damaged areas. Clogged drains will create ice dams, which can damage both your roof and your gutters. It's important not only to clean your gutters during the fall. They should also be part of your spring maintenance.

3. Observe Flashing

Flashing is what creates a moisture barrier between your roof and anything that sits on top of it, such as skylights, vents, HVAC units, or vents. These areas are more prone to damage from snow and rain because they are not a natural part of the roof, and had to be installed. Some people believe that polishing is so important because they can only apply caulk or other sealant. The problem with either of these two other options is that the caulk and sealant can crack and no longer keep moisture out as they used to. Failing to use flashing and not inspecting it adequately can cause problems with your roof, and you will need to replace it.

4. Inspect the caulking for any insect damage

Another area that a roofing professional should inspect is the caulk. Caulk is a great way to help prevent leaks, but it needs to be replaced every so often. A sign that it is time to re-caulk is if it is wrinkled, crumpled or missing. You must make sure that this is taken care of immediately.

Another thing that weather changes can bring are different types of pests. Chipmunks, rodents, squirrels and even birds love to find places to stay safe and warm. If you see any nesting material, feces or food, you will need to call someone to remove the animal immediately. You also need to be sure to seal off any areas where they may get into your building, trim trees, and fix areas with slow drainage or ponds.

5. Make Recommended Repairs

Once you have a complete list of all necessary repairs, make sure you contact your roofing contractor vancouver to make the necessary repairs. While you can wait until winter to repair your roof, this is not advisable. The main reason for this is that it is less secure, and if there is a crack, the accumulation of snow and ice will make it worse.

i5 Roofing & Exteriors Inc.
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