Berlin in the last days of World War II

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Next, you will find rare pictures of the war photographer Valery Faminsky, which were taken by him in the last days of the Great Patriotic War in Berlin. They depict Soviet soldiers, civilians and the destroyed streets of the city.

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Soviet soldiers play the piano in the suburbs of Berlin. April-May 1945.

Blood transfusion in the first-aid post in Berlin. May 1945.

The soldiers are going to bandage. Seelow Heights, Germany. April 1945.

The Red Army men clean their weapons after the battle. Berlin, May 1945.

Panorama of destroyed Berlin in May 1945.

unloading the wounded at the medical center on Friedrichstrasse. Berlin, April 30, 1945.

Removal of the wounded on dogs from the battlefield. Seelow Heights, Germany. April 1945.

The skeleton of an airplane on one of the streets of Berlin. End of April 1945.

One of the streets of Berlin after the bombing. April 1945.

Alerting the population about the surrender of the fascists. Berlin, 8 May 1945.

Damaged tank. Germany, April-May, 1945.

 Queue to the grocery store. Berlin. May 1945.

Berlin destroyed by the bombing. May 1945.

Soviet soldiers at the temporary headquarters. Germany, April-May, 1945

A woman with her belongings on the embankment in Berlin. May 1945.

Evacuation of wounded Berliners. May 1945.

Civilians on vacation. Berlin. May 1945.

Reichstag building in Berlin. 1945 year.

 A wounded soldier. Germany, April-May 1945.

At the walls of the Reichstag. Berliners are clearing the streets of the city. May 1945.

Soviet soldiers in Germany, April-May 1945.

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Iced coffee

Cooking time: 10 minutes

Servings: 2

Calories: 331 kcal per serving

You will need:


Espresso coffee 120 ml

Sugar (sand) 10 g

Ice 12 cu.

Milk 200 ml

Ice cream 160 g

1st stage ingredients:

Espresso coffee 120 ml

Sugar (sand) 10 g

The first step is to prepare the base of the drink - strong coffee. It is best to take an espresso or ristretto, but you can also brew just strong coffee in a Turk. The coffee must be strong because it will be diluted quite strongly in the future. You can add sugar to freshly brewed coffee, this is a matter of taste, the exact amount depends on the desired result. It should be borne in mind that ice cream will give some sweetness, but it will not be felt very much when cold.

Stage 2 Ingredients:

Ice 6 cu.

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To prepare the drink quickly, ice is used. This helps to quickly lower the temperature of the coffee and prevent the ice cream from melting instantly.

3rd stage ingredients:

Milk 200 ml

Add cold milk to an ice blender (the colder the better) and whisk lightly to crush the ice. Some blenders have special attachments and tabs for crushing ice, please note what is written in the instructions for this.

Stage 4 Ingredients:

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Ice cream 100 g

Add coffee and ice cream.

Whisk everything together until smooth. Try it if the sweetness is not enough, you can add sugar syrup (pure or flavored, such as vanilla or chocolate) or powdered sugar. Please note that there is no starch in the powdered sugar, or make it yourself, pitch the sugar in a coffee grinder.

Stage 6 Ingredients:

Ice 6 cu.

Pour the resulting drink into glasses with ice.

Stage 7 Ingredients:

Ice cream 60 g

Add a scoop of ice cream to each serving, and don't forget the smoothie tubes. You can additionally cover the iced coffee with whipped cream, sprinkle with syrups, sprinkle with chocolate chips. or garnish with a cocktail cherry.

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tanya singh
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