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Simple Ways To Track Conversion Metrics In Digital Marketing

Simple Ways To Track Conversion Metrics In Digital Marketing

As a marketer and business owner, you run marketing campaigns to drive conversion. Therefore, whenever you post blogs or run paid ads, you must monitor many metrics. So, the marketing team can understand whether their efforts are driving conversions.


Monitoring conversion rate is one of the valuable ways to track conversions. However, you can ask the Digital Marketing Company in Delhi to monitor the same. But you can even read this article to know various conversion metrics. So, you can also understand the most valuable ways to track conversions. 

4 Most Useful Conversion Rate Metrics to Track in Digital Marketing

#1. CTR or Click-Through Rate

It is one of the first conversion rate metrics you should monitor from time to time. CTR means how many times people click on your website whenever they encounter it. You can monitor the CTR metric of email, paid ads, and organic searches. However, if you do not have an ideal tool to measure this metric. You can hire a Digital Marketing Agency in India as well. And ask them to monitor similar metrics for your brand and send timely reports. 

#2. Bounce Rate

The bounce rate metric is another most helpful conversion metric in digital marketing. Here you can understand the customer behavior and the time they spend. Most of the time, targeted customers visit the site, but they leave it without scrolling. It can be because of slow website speed, or they might not get what they were looking for. Hence, you can make several marketing decisions by checking this crucial metric. Also, nowadays many Digital Marketing Companies in Delhi offer this service. Or you can even get a complete digital marketing solution for more effective results. 

#3. Return on Investment

The return on investment metric tells you how much money you make from running campaigns. If you want to measure ROI from email campaigns, paid ads, and blogs. You can subtract the investment you made for particular campaigns from its revenue. And the remaining value will be your value of ROI from the ideal campaign. Sometimes you run many campaigns at the same time in the same strategy. Hence, it can be challenging to calculate the most accurate report. Hence, you should consider hiring a Digital Marketing Agency in India. Because they will do the same thing under less budget, you would spend. 

#4. Cost Per Conversion

Cost per conversion is another crucial and advanced conversion metric. It helps you understand how much you pay for every conversion. And by checking it, you can understand several crucial insights. Also, it is one of the great ways to find out which marketing campaign is offered most for you.


So, you learned crucial conversion metrics a digital marketer should know. Because when you will monitor conversion rate metrics as we discussed. You will be able to find excellent marketing opportunities. That will help your brand to get more exposure and generate more leads. However, if you do not know much about conversion metrics. You should consider hiring the Best Digital Marketing Company in Delhi. It will cost you less and offer you max output. 

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