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Reasons Your Shower Smells Uncomfortable

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Reasons Your Shower Smells Uncomfortable

The most used space in your home is the bathroom, regardless of the number of people utilising it. There won't be a single day when you would not shower. This is the reason why your shower would require extra upkeep to keep the drain unclogged and off from expensive repairs. Then you would have to employ an expert plumber port Stephens to address the issue.

The Maitland Plumber services would sure provide the required maintenance and repairs. But when it comes to any aspect related to the bathroom, it's better to address the issue before it goes out of hand. One of the signs of the fore coming expensive damage in the shower is the foul smell.

Here are some of the potential causes of the smell.


The major hint of mould presence is musty smells coming from the drain. As mould is a living organism, it realises moulds spores which could be dangerous if inhaled. 

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If the mould problem is not persistent and covers the lesser area, then your mould cleaners would be enough to eliminate them. However, if the mould covers too big an area or is persistent, you would be left with the only choice of taking the help of a professional plumber to address it effectively.


If your drain emits a sulphur stench, you most likely have a dry P-trap. If you detect water, your P-trap isn't completely dry, and you should contact a plumber. Pour two cups of water down the drain and wait an hour if the P-trap is dry. After then, double-check to see if the water is still present.

Pour four ounces of oil down the drain if the shower isn't used often or if it's in a guest bathroom. It could be any cooking oil you have on hand. Oil takes longer to evaporate than water. This should keep the odour from returning.


In addition, biofilm causes a musty, mildewy odour in your drain. Biofilm is muck or slime that forms on your shower tiles and within your shower drain and is filled with bacteria and bacterial waste. Biofilm, like mould, can be harmful to your health, transmitting Salmonella, E. coli, and other bacteria to your family. 

Fortunately, removing biofilm is simple and inexpensive. To get rid of the musty shower drain odour, use a brush or scraping instrument to remove the biofilm as much as possible. After removing the biofilm, disinfect the region and leave it for a few hours.

Drain clogs

But it's only natural that your shower drain has to be cleaned now and then. Even though you don't notice it most of the time, everyone sheds hair all day, every day. When it comes to thinning hair, many people lose the most hair during their bathing routine. That hair is flowing down the drain, and if it gets stuck in soap scum, bacteria, debris, or the p-trap, it can produce a major clog.

Cleaning a bathtub drain isn't difficult, and with the correct tools or chemical solutions, most individuals can do it themselves. However, if you don't have time to deal with small Plumbers in Newcastle issues, we can get the job done quickly and correctly so you can go on with your day.

Source: What Causes Your Shower To Smell Uncomfortable?

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