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Be the Epitome of NT Gaming with your Customized ZedRun Clone

Be the Epitome of NT Gaming with your Customized ZedRun Clone

The NFT market is on par, ruling the industry with a lot of opportunities and possibilities. There is no sector that has denied or stopped its invasion. And at that pace, why not into Gaming. We all know traffic is huge in the Gaming industry. And the popularity of NFT has a jarring impact on society. Fusing these two prime concepts together, ZedRun like NFT trading platforms, does it on a clean sweep, providing the entrepreneur the ability to flourish in their business. You can also develop your ZedRun clone with us and explore the market. 

What is Zed Run? 

ZedRun is a horse racing gaming platform. The users and players here have all the abilities and functions to participate in their horses in virtual races, tournaments, breed them, add abilities to empower them, and much more. The main advancement here in the platform is its capabilities to list and trade horses and abilities, skin in the platform as NFTs. 

That is exciting, right? This NFT based gaming platform allows the users to buy and sell horses in the platform as NFT and the user have all the privileges to breed their horse with all possible abilities, create rarity, and excite its value in the market. 

ZedRun Clone with INORU

The ZedRun clone is basically a clone script on the actual platform. We help you build a similar NFT based gaming platform like Zed Run for your business and allow your users to play the race and also trade the horses simultaneously in the same platform at ease. Our prime advantage is the customization we offer. With this basic platform, you are open to giving any suggestion and additional requirements you want for your platform, and we help you seamlessly incorporate it in your ZedRun Clone at ease.  

Features of ZedRun Clone

  1. The Marketplace to carry out trade
  2. Functionality to improve breeding activities
  3. The racing field for races and tournaments
  4. Improved high-end attributes list for users to create and utilize. 
  5. Regular updates on races and sales. 
  6. Highly advanced and integrated wallet 
  7. Secured platform with an advanced solution 
  8. User-Friendly interface 

Final Verdict

At INORU, we give you complete customization, as you know, and you can vest on developing a high-end blockchain NFT based gaming platform like ZedRun with all the functions and features you require for your business. Reach out now to us and detail us on your idea behind your ZedRun clone and get it instantly delivered. 

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