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Unique Birthday Gifts for Sister to Prank Her

Jyoti Vedi
Unique Birthday Gifts for Sister to Prank Her

Having a sister is real bliss! But, it is also torture for your entire life. Jokes apart, your sister is the one who stands with you at all your good and bad. Even though she is annoying you can’t leave her alone. Why would you present a thoughtful gift and make her birthday boring? Try out something new and make her scream out of joy on this special day. This is the perfect time to tease and make the day memorable for years. Do you need any help to prank her? Then you are on the right roof, here are some of the funny birthday gifts for sister. Let’s jump into the best prank list now!

Expensive Gift Box With Nothing:

This is an outdated idea to annoy her on this special day. Yes, everyone would have used this trick at least once in their lifetime. Just grab some expensive items’ gift boxes, put some paper, or stones to make it feel so heavy, and wrap it with a lovely gift paper. Don’t forget to make it look real with a ribbon. Surprise her with a praising word to fool her!

Fake Snake Inside A Cake:

When it is exactly midnight, wake her up with a huge delicious cake and a snake inside it. If it is a remote-controlled one, then it could be the Best Birthday Gift For Sister. Yes, when she blows the candle and cuts the cake, the snake might come out to scare her. There will be a big screaming sound for sure, so make sure to place cotton inside your ear. LOL!

Fake Poop:

The internet gift shop is brimming with interesting items. This one takes the cake, or crap, to be more specific! It's one of those practical jokes you've always wanted to play on her. Purchase a piece of garbage for her! At the very least, one made of rubber will not cause any harm. It doesn't smell like a genuine thing, but the color and texture are quite close. Anyone who sees these phony feces will scream in horror. It would be a fantastic idea to offer this to her in the gift-wrapping paper.

Punch Pen:

What better present for the prankster sister than something you can tease her with and she can later use to prank her friends? Presenting the Pack-a-Punch Pen, a wonderfully fun, quirky new device that can appear benign at first sight, but if the person holding it hits a secret button, you could just get punched! This amusing humor present truly packs a punch, with a foam fist perched on top of a spring and controlled by a button. Buy this for your sister and get a good chuckle with this creative present.

Fake Cake:

Obviously, your sister will be expecting to buy a grand birthday cake on this day. So, you can prank her with this. Yes, order birthday cakes for sister which look more creamy, but it should be a fake material. When she cuts the fake cake, she will be shocked and laugh out loud. You can even take this to the next level by ordering a tiered cake. One tire can be real and the other one can be fake.

3D Poop Mug:

A poop-shaped mug with a wicked grin on its face is guaranteed to make her smile. It appears just like the actual thing, with its authentic design and slick brown covering. Poo jokes are timeless among siblings, so give her a humorous mug with a poo joke on it this birthday. Some recommend putting some chocolates inside because, with siblings, it's all about who can disgust the other the most.

Funny Phone Case:

Yes, this can be funny and also useful for a bossy sister. You can give her a funny quote or a picture case that makes it more unique. Let her laugh more than usual whenever she sees this funny case. Post this incredible case on social media, let all the followers praise this as one of the best gifts for sister birthday.

Final Words

Looking for more unique birthday gifts for sister? The Internet has a wide selection of interesting presents for your boss. Find an online gift shop for creative, eccentric, and odd items, can help you choose the ideal present and deliver it to your loved ones.

Jyoti Vedi
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