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How to take care of skin following the laser tattoo removal procedure?

How to take care of skin following the laser tattoo removal procedure?

Laser Tattoo removal is one of the ideal ways to get rid of unwanted tattoos. As time passes by around 11% of the individuals choose the road of tattoo removal. No doubt many are not aware of the way the process works or what needs to be done afterward. This is where the role of cosmetic surgeon comes into play. The surgeon makes sure from start to end the individual getting laser tattoo removal knows the right way of doing



How to take care after the tattoo removal?

If you have chosen to get the tattoo removal Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag then it’s essential to be careful in all ways. No matter which body part the tattoo is, pay close attention to taking care of the skin. Here are some of the things which you have to be careful about:

●    For the first three days make sure to apply the antibiotic healing cream given by the Cosmetic Surgeon in Vizag. Additionally, that area needs to be bandaged properly with sterilized gauze. Better keep the makeup & any sort of cream away for some days.

●    Even when the bandage is removed that area has to be dry & clean all the time. During healing, keep the area completely moisturized by applying vaseline, hydrocortisone, or Aquaphor cream.

●    Vitamin E is also of great help while the skin is healing. Make sure to wear sunscreen to limit sun damage.


When can I shower after the laser tattoo removal?

Only after the bandage is removed the shower can be taken. But make sure to not apply excess pressure on the desired area and use mild soap to get it cleaned. No need to even scrub the area just pat dry it. You need to avoid:

●    Taking baths

●    Hot tubs

●    Swimming pools


Strengthen the immune system while getting tattoo removal

The stronger the immune system the better will be healing and faster. It allows the body to repair and the infection will be treated. Some of the things which can help you to heal faster are:

●    Increase water intake

It’s essential to drink enough water to keep the body's immunity on the top level. With water intake, the toxins will flush out & blood cells are restored.


●    Say NO to alcohol intake

Alcohol consumption will make the skin dehydrated, thus the healing process will take time. So, it better not have alcohol at any cost.


Apart from these, do not smoke and better not exercise for a few days. It’s essential to let the healing process go with ease so that the results are better in all ways.


Most important things after the tattoo removal procedure

●    No need to expose the skin to the sun

If the sunburn happens then the chances of postponing the treatment session will increase. Exposing the skin too much to sun will affect the healing process and desired results will take time to show.

●    Scab picking is not right

Scabbing & blistering are part of the healing so make sure to avoid this completely. Additionally, till the time it’s not healed do not shave that area.


Final word!

The tattoo removal takes around 4 to 8 weeks to heal depending on what was the size of the tattoo and how well you took care of yourself. If you have any doubt then better seek professional assistance at the earliest.

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