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3 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Wooden Bed Frame

Saskia Butin

If you want more than just the basics in your home, then timber beds might be the perfect choice for you. They present a host of benefits that are not possible to enjoy with other kinds of beds and so if you want to experience something a little outside of the norm, then having one is the only way to get it. Here are three reasons why some of the best beds are made from wood and what you can expect when working with MUBU on treating yourself to one.

A Touch of Nature

Timber is the most sustainable material available for framing a home, which is why we only use 100% renewable and recycled products. Furthermore, no trees are cut down in the process of building a house. We work with our partners to make sure there are enough trees to go around since we don’t want to do anything that would hurt nature. That’s why you can rest assured that your home can look great while doing good at the same time!

Numerous Customisation Options

Another reason why professional bed frame suppliers will often recommend wood is due to the fact that this material can be transformed. Perhaps you're looking to compliment a carpet or an accent wall? In this case, it is possible to prime the frame and add a few coats of paint in order to transform its appearance. Another possibility is to use transparent or semi-transparent stains for the timber bed frames. There are two main benefits associated with stains. First, there are nearly limitless shades and tones to choose from. Secondly, stains will bring out the natural grain of the wood.

Quality Timber Bed Frames- Standing The Test of Time

We should also note that timber bed frames have a very long lifespan. This is an important point to make in regards to your overall return on investment. The same applies for wooden beds, which are less prone to issues such as creaks and squeaks over time when compared to metal frames. If you are hoping for a good night's sleep, the soundness of your bed is an important quality for you to consider. 


Just like so many other things, the more care you take of your bed, the longer it will last. Below are some tips on caring for a wooden bed so you can get the best out of it:

Clean Your Timber Bed Regularly

Keep your wooden furniture clean by instituting a regular schedule of cleaning. Polish it regularly to maintain the shine level by avoiding moisture and humidity, which can cause wood to warp. Avoid using rough cloths like steel wool to avoid damaging the wood's finish when cleaning. Protection is necessary so always use a gentle, non-abrasive cloth cleaner.

Keep Your Bed Out of Direct Sunlight

The last thing you want is your bed to look sunburnt! Also, don't place your bed in direct sunlight. If you can’t avoid it, there are a couple of ways that you can protect and preserve the beauty of your frame. For example, fit quality blinds in your room or close the curtains to keep any unnecessary sun damage off of your frame.

Apply Beeswax Every Six Months

There are plenty of products out there that promise the same but none deliver like Beeswax does. Whether you own a sleigh bed or a full bed-frame, we have a comprehensive set of easy-to-follow steps available to you on our website polishingblog.com that will show you exactly how this luxury wax impacts against the harsh elements and will help return your woodwork back to its former glory. So give it a go and get it done today! 

Final Thoughts on Buying a Timber Bed

The good news is that you don’t have to look very far to find the design of your dreams. If you have additional questions related to timber bed frames of solid timber dining table, contact our representatives who will be more than happy to help you make an informed choice. 

Source URL: https://www.mubuhome.com.au/product/mubu-bed-base/

Saskia Butin
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