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How To Do SEO Competitive Analysis?

Viraj Yadav
How To Do SEO Competitive Analysis?

An SEO competitor study also referred to as an SEO competitive analysis, comprises examining a competitor's content as well as other components of the material, such as links and keywords. Simply described, it's a search engine optimization (SEO) comparison of two competing web pages in the same company or market. To gain a better understanding enroll in the pg in digital marketing. Analyze your competitors The following are some examples of SEO:

  1. Analysis of SEO keyword competition
  2. Backlink analysis of competitors
  3. A gap analysis of keywords
  4. Analysis of the most important content

What is Competitor Analysis and How Do I Do it?

Step 1: Figure Out Who Your True Rivals Are

The first step in understanding how to use that SEO competitor analysis is to recognize the competitors. Because not all sites that score higher than that for the a term are your competitors from unauthorized users, Moz recommends learning who your genuine competitors are when it comes to your keywords.

To uncover your genuine SEO competition in your SEO study, you must be thorough and exact. This entails comparing and researching SEO for a variety of keywords and noting the top 10 or 20 web pages that appear regularly for all of them.

Step 2: Analyze the Pages

Examining a competitor's website and its highest pages is the next stage in competitive analysis. What keywords are being utilized on these pages, and how are they being used in their subject matter.?

This is referred to as a keyword gap analysis. This is the part of your rival SEO study where you look for keywords that a competitor's site is ranking for but yours isn't. Content Gap is a function in Ahrefs' competitor analysis tool that helps you find keywords that rank for certain sites you choose. With this data-driven technique, you can obtain vital knowledge without any damage and imitate their results by using a comparable link-building strategy. These characteristics can be discovered in the connections of a competitor: The number of backlinks, the domain authority of the linked sites, and the relevance of the linked material are all factors to consider.

Step 3: Concentrate on High-Return-On-Investment Keywords

A well-known company can rank for dozens of highly competitive keywords. Does this imply that you must compete as well? Certainly not. Furthermore, huge corporations have the financial resources to ensure that they always rank for the most competitive keywords. Focus your rival SEO study efforts on keywords that can bring you greater profit or revenue, according to SEO guru Neil Patel. When it comes to the pet store business, it's pointless to try to rank for "best dog keychains" when they only sell for $2 each. Find the advanced digital marketing course to learn more about this course.


 Step 4: Develop and Implement a Content Strategy

After you've gathered data, you'll need to use it to generate an SEO competitor analysis report. Based on the report's findings, you may develop your SEO content strategy. Create a keyword list or a list of content ideas and save it in a simple worksheet or use a tool like Ahrefs to get started with your content strategy. The Ahrefs competitor analysis tool already has a built-in function that allows you to add specific keywords or content ideas to a list, which you can then export to a spreadsheet and use to generate a rapid SEO competitor analysis report, not for attackers.

Step 5: Keep an Eye on your Progress:

You must track the performance of new or re-optimized content after it has been released. Regular keyword audits and competition analysis SEO reports should be prepared to see if your competitive analysis plan was successful.

Step 6: Use an SEO Competitor Analysis Template to cover all bases:

There are several approaches to implementing a successful competitive analysis SEO strategy. You can get help with a free SEO competitor analysis template. With your SEO competitive analysis job, having a ready document on hand can help you save time and stay organized. A template also speeds up and improves the accuracy of an SEO competitor study report.


Is something data-driven advertising if it doesn't include competitive information? Not many business owners can devote themselves to learning how to conduct SEO competition analysis since they are overwhelmed by unknown concepts and the procedure can appear to be demanding and hard. Check out the diploma in digital marketing if you want to learn more about this.

Viraj Yadav
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