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Top 5 Home Design Trends of 2022

Top 5 Home Design Trends of 2022

We have again arrived where we look back and try to refresh the memories and plan on what's there in the upcoming year. This is when we look for a fresh start in our lives. What's more important than your own house? What could be the better place, to begin with? This freshness requires new ideas and innovations. So, in that case, we will look at the top 5 house plans of 2022. 

From designing and developing themes to furniture and its aesthetics, our list is straight out of the designer studio, and that will give you your go-to aesthetic this year. Get ready to witness some trendy house plans on the list. 

Warm and Minimalism 

Minimalist design has been on the list for years now and will be in trend in 2022. Here, "less is more" is being preached and followed because it is one of the most relevant trends in the upcoming year. But we will witness different minimalism this year. 

What is warm minimalism, you might ask? It is a minimal design theme, along with warmer attributes. So, instead of going with the basic white colour palette that has been a typical choice and face for the minimalistic design, we will witness a load of light yellow and off-whites in the trend. There can be some designs of walnut and oak wood. These create a lot of homely vibes and not cool minimalistic appeal.   

Individualizing the Designs

Undoubtedly, minimalistic interiors will trend this year, and we can also witness a lot of individualized designs in 2022. So, you will observe some curated designs jumbled with mixed patterns, extravagant collections, and loud themes.  

Brace your style, curate some meaningful space, and be a part of these trends in 2022. You can have your mix and match style and bend a rule or two because who knows your style and home better than you. 

Some features are colour palettes that match your sense of style, decorations that don't bind you, furnishings and storage customized according to your requirements. 

Bohemian Trend

Another notable trend this year would be Bohemian themes. Bohemian is a maverick interior style that honours freedom. A carefree theme and aesthetic which is not bound to follow any structure. Think bohemian, think layers of patterns and comforting textures and colour palettes. At the core, bohemian is a mix of personal and relaxed design. 

Like maximalism, bohemian is also all about conveying different and personalized styles. Yet, this doesn't have a proper set of rules to follow like the former. 

Open Space Designs

Houses have always been a go-to space for a small get-together, night-ins and hangouts. Because of that, you'll see many open layout designs in 2022. We will observe carefree designs for open layout designs. 

This fluctuates from open kitchens to living areas. But, to make such open spaces feel more homely and warm, we will observe a lot of customized furnishings. We can see a wide range of multifunctional TV sets, sectional sofas, etc. Such layouts will also observe bright and pop colours to make spacious areas a warmer vibe. 

Biophilic Designs

With the continuation of work from home, it is quite common that people will discover ways to bring that outdoor vibe to their home. So, we will witness a significant rise in Biophilic designs this year. Plants leave a calming and relaxing effect on our minds and body. They improve the air quality at home. 

Be ready to experience some nature with lots of positivity at your place in 2022. 


Now that you are aware of the trends of 2022, spare some time to have your space decorated. Whether you are building companies or starting something new, your home needs some attention. If you are looking for professional guidance, we at STONEWOOD provide complete guidance from finding signature homes Christchurch for decor. For more information, check out our website.

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